Senator: SGA violated constitution

J. Fred Fox | reporter

A senator of the Student Government Association accused the governmental body of violating its constitution by improperly filling vacancies in the organization’s membership.

You’re doing it wrong

Sen. Mike Berry, senior in automotive technology, said on Wednesday night that the process of filling the vacancies in SGA’s body of members was not done as required by SGA’s constitution.
He claimed that there was an absence of a resolution appointing the members of the Senate Vacancy Committee.
He added that all members of such a committee would have voting rights when nominating candidates for SGA.
Audrey Gilbreath, SGA campus affairs director and senior in mathematics, said that this year’s vacancy process was done in a similar way at least the last couple of years.
She added that as little as two members have sat in on vacancy interviews in the past.
Sen. Lindsey Ong, senior in biology, said that the process was conducted by tradition and that the constitution should be amended to reflect that.

Pressing on

Sen. William Ravenstein, senior in communication, said he wanted the constitution to trump tradition, or else, he asked, why have a constitution at all?
“Tonight was a ‘shame on you’ to this and the previous years’ vacancy committees,” Ravenstein said.
Several senators suggested amending the constitution to incorporate what Ong described as the “traditional” process.
However, it was pointed out, either a special SGA online ballot or the inclusion of a question during SGA’s annual elections would be required to amend the constitution.
Despite the objections, the vacancies resolution was adopted and will be up for vote next week.

New ‘Big’ man

Also during the meeting, Sen. Jacob Letner was nominated and approved as SGA Big Event director.
Letner replaced Rodney Kimlin, who was moved to the position of SGA treasurer. Kimlin recommended Letner to Taylor Gravett, SGA president.

Stamp this

A resolution passed requiring posters that are displayed on campus to have a devoted 6-inch box for SGA to stamp.
Sponsor Bailey Peak, SGA academic affairs director, said in last week’s meeting that this would make it easier to monitor whether posters on campus have received the required stamp of approval from SGA.
A survey will be distributed asking students about their library usage to gauge the need for an expansion of Axe Library’s operating hours.
This survey will be a requirement to receive a Scantron test-taking form from the SGA office in the lower level of Overman Student Center.

Community affairs

Alyssa Marsh, community affairs director, created the Sport-of-the-Week event to promote sports that don’t get as much student support as football receives.
The first event is scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24, and Wednesday, Sept. 25, in the campus Oval to promote the Pittsburg State Gorillas volleyball team.

Campus affairs

Gilbreath said she plans to propose having the university police phone number displayed in all classrooms on campus.
She also wants to purchase a card reader to better keep track of Pitt Points participants.
Next week, SGA justices will be appointed for the Judicial Board.

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