No injuries in bus fire

‘Half the bus was just gone’

Casey Matlock | reporter

Marcus Clem | editor in chief

“Steve Scott is the kind of university”
“administrator who prefers the words of Jay-Z to help reflect on his views of the previous academic year.”
““I believe you can speak things into existence,” said Scott, university president, during his remarks at the opening meeting of the Pittsburg State Faculty Senate on Aug. 15, quoting the celebrity hip-hop artist.”
“This reference, Scott explained, was part of his theme of “childlike enthusiasm,” to structure an event that is largely considered to be a “state of the university” address.”
“It was delivered to a large crowd in the”
“Overman Student Center.”

On their way to the annual Fraternal Leadership Summit, the charter bus carrying members of Alpha Gamma Delta over-hearted and caught fire.

On their way to the annual Fraternal Leadership Summit, the charter bus carrying members of Alpha Gamma Delta over-hearted and caught fire.

““This is a day I get pretty pumped up,” he said.”
“Fort Scott partnership”
“Several announcements and statements”
“were included as part of the speech, and Scott said that among the most prominent of these is news of talks between Fort Scott Community College (FSCC) and the university that will “take our partnership to a”
“completely different and higher level.”
with a fire extinguisher but had to give up as the fire began to burn out of control, creating a plume of smoke that could be seen for miles. Smejdir says that she was terrified when she received the call and anticipated the worst. “My first initial thoughts were about the students’ safety, and I was relieved when I found out that they were all off the bus and safe,” she said. “I would like to say that I am grateful for the support of the community and Greek community during this difficult time.” One member that stands above the rest for acts of bravery is MaryKate Gartner, Alpha Gamma Delta president. According to The Joplin Globe, Gartner played a key role in ensuring the passengers’ safety. When signs of fire on board the bus first appeared, Gartner is said to have acted calmly but firmly to urge her chapter’s members to abandon the bus as quickly as possible. “We were very blessed that we all got off the bus before it caught fire,” Gartner was quoted as saying. “Everyone reacted well and we are lucky only a few members lost all of their items and that no one was harmed.” PSU officials, who were driving their own vehicles to the summit, arrived to the scene to see students already off the bus as they got through emergency personnel. Among the officials following the bus to Overland Park was Steve Scott, university president. “Dr. Scott expressed relief that there were no injuries and he complimented the women for their calm reaction to the incident,” said Ron Womble, director of public relations, in a press release published on the day of the incident. “Scott also thanked emergency responders who were on the scene quickly to extinguish the fire and ensure the safety of the students.”

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