Spring is in the air

Melding new, old attractions

At 4 p.m. Thursday, April 25, Gibson Dining Hall shut its doors and moved operations outside for an evening of food, games and fun: Spring Fling.
Sponsored by the Student Activities Council (SAC) and co-sponsored by Residence Hall Assembly (RHA), Black Student Association (BSA) and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), Spring Fling is held annually.
This year, organizers worked hard to bring several new attractions as well as old-time favorites to the event.
“The caricature (artist) had a line of at least 10 people for over three hours,” said Kassandra Turner, SAC committee chair and junior in commercial graphics.
As it is such a large scale and popular event, the work and organization for Spring Fling was divided up as much as possible between the sponsoring groups.
ROTC supplied cadets to help employees of Maccaroo’s Gym run the multiple inflatable attractions.
BSA organized music and sponsored the popular caricature artist.
SAC brought an airbrush tattoo artist, and contacted multiple organizations, from clubs to Greek houses, to man a variety of booths.
RHA worked with Gibson Dining Hall to plan the food.
“My personal favorite activity was the sports bungee,” Turner said

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Many months of hard work, planning and communication between organizing groups took place to bring another successful Spring Fling to the PSU campus.
With a goal of giving students some time to relax and blow off steam before finals, the event is paid for by fundraising and student privilege fees.
This allows all the activities at the event to be free, and give more students an opportunity to participate.
Turner says that with some minor technical difficulties on a few of the inflatables, Spring Fling 2013 ran smoothly as planned.
“Spring Fling was amazing,” said Richard Trezza, freshman in automotive technology.
Students were able to trade one dining hall meal for a paper card, which could then be hole-punched at different booths in exchange for food.
Students were treated to funnel cakes, shish kabobs and walking tacos in recycled Doritos bags, along with many other items.
“Eating outside is fun and a good idea,” said Braxton Stout, freshman in automotive technology. “I wish they would give us more punches, though. I’m used to eating as much as I want at dinner and I can’t with only seven punches. Plus you can’t go back and get more like you can normally, not without using another meal from my meal plan.”


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