Living life in the fast lane

Jessica Sewing | design chief

Wait for it. Wait for it.
The lights change; she lets go of the throttle stop and takes off. Four G’s of force slam into her body as she races a quarter of a mile, going 270 miles per hour in just over five seconds.
“You have to be the quickest to respond, not necessarily the fastest,” said Megan Meyer, sophomore in graphic design. “Most people don’t get to experience that much force. It’s really indescribable.”
Meyer, 20, grew up on the racetrack. For the past decade, she’s raced different dragster cars alongside her younger sister, Rachel. Megan says that with the coaching of their father, Randy, it has been a family affair since the beginning.
Every summer Megan, Randy and Rachel pack up their motor home and hit the road. In traveling from New Jersey to California, Megan says she gets a unique summer experience.
“I didn’t grow up like all the other kids,” Megan said. “We spend summers traveling to races all around the country.”
Megan says that even though she misses out on the social experience over the summer, racing is worth it.
While she was growing up, her parents were frequently traveling for her dad’s racing, while she and her sister had to stay behind because of school.
“Now that I can go with them, o

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ur relationships have gotten really strong because we are together more,” Megan said. “My relationship with my sister is normal, too.”
Instead of arguing over the traditional things, the sibling racers fight over who is faster.
“We always have competitions for who works the most on their car or who gets the dirtiest,” Megan said.
Their dad always told Megan and Rachel that they would have to work hard to earn their places in the racing world.
Megan began at the age of 10 in the Junior Drag Racing League, where she gained 16 wins, 13 runner-ups and 14 semi-finalist finishes.
In 2009 and 2010, she won two Junior Dragster Track Championships at Kansas City International Raceway.
Megan has over a dozen sponsors for the 2013 season, including Lucas Oil and Mickey Thompson Tires.
After graduating from the Junior Dragster League the following year, Megan began competing in Super Comp Dragster for two years.
“Driving my dad’s car has always been a dream of mine,” Megan said. “I always knew I would get the chance someday to drive the car.”
Currently, Megan is practicing and going through the process to receive her license to pilot the family-owned Top Alcohol Dragster.
“I have learned so much from my dad,” she said. “I hope I can be as good a driver as he is.”


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