SGA says no

Athletics asks for $6 SGA grants half

J. Fred Fox

SGA finally settled on a fee increase for Athletics in the last meeting of the semester for the current administration.
Athletics student fees were raised $3 to a total of $149 per semester. This brings total student fees for 2013-2014 academic year to $563 per semester.
Senators spent hours trying to get to the 2/3 majority needed to pass the Athletics fee increase.
Originally, the Athletics fee committee, including members from Athletics and SGA members, proposed a $6 increase.
SGA voted that number down last week, and after voting on $5 and $4 increases failed in this week’s meeting, senators settled on $3.
However, this and all other fee increases passed, including fees for student activities, health and parking.
These amounts are recommendations from Student Government Association that will go to Steve Scott, university president, for final approval.
SGA elections for president and vice president continue this week until 4 p.m. Friday, April 12.
Scott will announce the winners at 8 a.m. Monday, April 15, on the front steps of Russ Hall.
Tyler Edwards, SGA campus affairs director, reported on Bike to Campus Day, set to be held on Wednesday, April 17.
A resolution this week passed allowing Edwards to use Campus Capital Improvement funds to purchase bikes, locks, helmets and bike racks. This will be a part of his project to lend bikes to students.
Edwards proposed a system to allow more students to borrow bikes, especially for students who would use them to bike to the Kansas Technology Center and the Student Rec Center.
He proposed the possibility of unlocked bikes to be freely available at certain bike racks, to be used and returned on an honor system. He spoke on how this is done at other universities successfully.
Edwards also plans to present a resolution asking for leftover SGA money to be used toward the remaining funds needed for Pitt Points awards.
Also, Edwards is working on getting a record of students’ Pitt Points and the leaderboard available on the Gorilla User System. Currently, a bug in the system only allows some students to be able to see their total points.
Another resolution passed approving allocation funds organized by Ethan Scott, SGA treasurer. These funds will be distributed to campus clubs and organizations.
During open forum, it was discussed whether the parking ticket appeal fee should be raised. None of the 18 students who appealed their tickets showed up to their appeal and all were denied.
The increase would make students come to their appeal, Edwards said.

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