PSYou has better platform, represents PSU

Elle Walker and Austin Leake’s PSYou party is the best choice for Pittsburg State.
PSYou and PSUnited are the two coalitions vying for control of SGA. Each organization is led by two individuals who have experience in student government and are backed by a slate of veteran and novice candidates.
The Collegio examined the platforms and records of PSUnited candidates Taylor Gravett and Kiki Eigenmann, and PSYou to make our endorsement decision. Walker has spent the last year serving as the Big Event director. During that time, she coordinated the first PSU Hunger Games. That event raised almost $2,000 and packaged 5,000 meals for people overseas. Under her guidance, almost 900 students have signed up to participate in Big Event.
Gravett’s tenure as academic affairs director has been less fruitful.
He has been working all year to extend hours at Axe Library without much progress. Granted, that goal requires the cooperation of other campus entities, but when Walker challenged him on the lack of progress during SGA’s presidential debate, Gravett had no immediate explanation. He promises to make this a priority if elected now, but we are skeptical that he will succeed.
Gravett has been responsible for keeping Scantrons free for students, but this task has created heated debate. There have been times when Scantrons haven’t been available, and SGA has had to dip into its carryover account to supply more. Also, Gravett wants to push campus sustainability. That’s something that SGA has been working on for years.
Both coalition platforms, which are detailed on the front page of this week’s issue, would benefit PSU. The difference lies in the details and how attainable they are. Walker’s platform lays out simply stated, workable goals with specifics on how she and Leake plan to accomplish them.
Walker also deserves to be recognized for partnering with a vice presidential candidate who has key ideological differences with her. Walker and Leake’s pledge to support whatever students want on the question of concealed weapons is praiseworthy, given their disagreement.
Gravett and Eigenmann run on a broader platform and while the ideals they’re embracing are respectable, they don’t lay out a detailed plan to achieve their goals. Walker has said that Gravett is basically adapting the job description of the SGA president to his platform, and we agree.
We believe that Walker and Leake will best represent PSU students because of their diverse views on the topics that this campus faces. Walker’s track record of accomplishing her goals is more solid than Gravett’s. Their administration’s objectives would be well-defined and more easily met, which benefits all students and the PSU community.

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