Kanza, Collegio win top honors

56 awards at state conference

For the third year in a row, the Kanza, Pittsburg State University’s student yearbook, was given the All-Kansas and the Gold awards by the Kansas Collegiate Media, formerly the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press. The All-Kansas Award is the highest award given to a college publication in the state.
The Collegio, PSU’s student newspaper, also for the third year in a row, won the Silver Medalist award. Kanza editor for 2012 was Kimber Lane and managing editor was Bethany Wolverton; Collegio editor for the contest period was Jay Benedict and managing editors were Val Vita in the fall 2012 semester and Getchen Burns in the spring 2013 semester.
“Our goal this year was to win All-Kansas, but when you’re going up against the University of Kansas, which is a Division I institution with a daily paper and an entire journalism school, it’s tough competition,” Benedict, senior in communication, said. “We cleaned up individually, though. I’m really proud of our staff because we won awards for every aspect of the paper: writing, photography, and design. The staff members have worked their tails off and the recognition means a lot.”
In addition to these Overall awards, Collegio staff members won seven first-place awards, three second-place awards, seven third-place awards, and 12 honorable mentions in the categories of writing, photography, design and headlines, for a total of 29 individual awards.
The Kanza staff picked up 13 first-place awards, six second-place awards and seven third-place awards, for a total of 26 individual awards.
“I was really proud of the staff for their hard work on last year’s book, and we were all rewarded for that in Wichita, both with an amazing turn out in individual awards and in the overall All-Kansas award,” said Lane, senior in English education. “After so much hard work that kind of recognition makes an editor proud.”
Individual-award winners in the PSU Student Publications Department were Jay Benedict, Kimber Lane, Bethany Wolverton, Yuyang Xiao, Carl Bachus, Madison Dennis, Kenzi Jordan, Srikanth Korlapati, Garett McCullough, Ali Clark, Sara Liming, Jessica Sewing, Gretchen Burns, Alex Weatherbie, Will Ravenstein, Marcus Clem, Caitlin Weaver, Chris Medved, Bartholomew Klick, Zach Stoppel, Val Vita, Michael Bauer, Natalia Rex, Tim Spears and Amber Danielson.
Ten staff members attended the KCM annual conference Sunday and Monday, April 14 and 15, in Wichita.

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