SGA votes in more student fees

J. Fred Fox

SGA voted in two resolutions to increase student fees at its meeting Wednesday night to raise money for the Bryant Student Health Center and the Student Rec Center.
The resolutions will increase student privilege fees by about $5.
“It’s (health center fee) a package deal to eventually be used for a full-time physician as a part of increases over time,” said Lara Ismert, SGA president.
This increase is the first portion of a planned $9 overall increase to help pay for a full-time physician at the health center. However, a portion of this increase will be used for salary increases for next year.
The Senate voted to pass both resolutions near-unanimously, with two senators voting nay for each.
Additional resolutions were presented at the meeting to raise student fees by about $4 for the funding of parking and student activities.
Sydney Ward, SGA vice president, was asked to provide a copy of these resolutions. She said that she would not be able to provide them immediately, and did not do so by press time. However, the resolutions were put on display during the SGA meeting.
Parking fee hasn’t had an increase since the 2010-2011 fiscal year, when a previous five-year sequence of increases ended.
“Parking operates on a $525,000 budget with about $330,000 spent on debt and $60,00-$70,000 transferred to police salaries,” said Steve Erwin, associate vice president of student life. “No new parking spaces are slated for at least the next five years.”
Erwin said that parking construction costs about $4,000 for every new space, including land acquisition and paving. Elevated spaces cost about $12,000.
SGA also decided to adopt Baby Gus as a new mascot. This resolution came down to a 26-12 decision.
The fee increase for campus activities currently under consideration is said to partly be a campus capital improvement (CCI). As of press time, requested documents detailing how these dollars may be specifically spent had not been provided.
“The CCI is so we (SGA) can work with Campus Christians,” said Tyler Edwards, SGA campus affairs director. “We’ll purchase about 20 bikes to rent out for students going to KTC (Kansas Technology Center) or the rec. The goal is to create a better PSU… and promote going green and a more healthy lifestyle.”
The plan is to spend $10,000 on bikes for SGA to rent out. Around 50-75 bikes are to be donated to Campus Christians. Two new bike racks will also be installed on campus.

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