Rack ‘em up, knock ‘em down

Students participate in discounted bowling held every Tuesday and Wednesday night at Holiday Lanes

Students participate in discounted bowling held every Tuesday and Wednesday night at Holiday Lanes

Pitt State students get bowled over

The sounds of cheering bowlers, rumbling balls and crashing pins are familiar to patrons of Holiday Lanes, a bowling alley on North Broadway. Students may have one other reason to cheer: They get discounts on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
This high-speed, energetic game is popular with students, who can be heard cheering for each other and exchanging high-fives after particularly impressive throws.
Kyunghoon Kim, graduate student in accounting, says that he enjoys bowling because it is an indoor sport where the weather doesn’t interfere.
“I divide my friends who play with me into the majors they are pursuing,” he said. “It is one of the best places to hang out with friends and it is a great stress buster.”
Aaron Kolich, graduate student in business, comes to the bowling alley for the Wednesday night special almost every week.
“It is cheap and there is something to look forward to besides the weekends,” he said. “Students who go at bars might as well go bowling. Drinks are pretty cheap and it is always worth the time and money.”
Xin Liu, graduate student in international business, says that she is not good at playing the sport, but she says she gets to make friends and to know how they spend their time off-campus.
Some students chill by playing games on the machines like car racing and air hockey when they get tired of bowling.
Liu says that one day she won the game, and everyone was surprised.
“It’s just like going to the gym, but in a different way,” Liu said. “My friends are not professionals, so we don’t know who would win, which makes it very exciting.”
Kolich says that he is a good bowler, but that’s not necessary.
“I think people can also just come to talk, to have hot dogs and a couple of drinks which makes the night equally enjoyable,” he said.


Billiard popularity on the rise

Shantanu Gavai | reporter

The Pool League is a billiard competition played every Thursday at The Break, a pool hall and lounge located at 607 N. Broadway.
Theodore Juenemann, senior in justice studies and sociology, is the captain of “The Outfit,” a competitive team.
“I’ve been playing here for the past two semesters, and it gives me something to do on Thursday nights,” he said. He also says that he loves playing every week with new people, and it creates a social group for him and his team.
The league consists of five sets of pool with a total of 25 games. It’s a five-on-five competition, where the captain selects five players from his or her team, and plays them against any random team, Juenemann says.
Scott Sashimpaur, a member of the team and a junior in wood technology, says that he challenges himself at being a better pool player by playing difficult shots.
“Playing pool is like playing any other sport and it should definitely be brought into the attention of the university,” Sashimpaur said.
“There are a lot of different games to play in pool such as the eight-ball, nine-ball, APA and BCA, which are harder styles to play,” he said.
Sashimpaur adds that to the opportunity to see and play with senior players is helpful and more students should be encouraged to be a part of this recreation.
“It is a fun, stress-relieving sport which helps us want to look forward to something every Thursday,” Juenemann said.

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