Last week’s opinion condescending to Catholics

Dear Editor,

I was very excited about the prospect of seeing what kind of pros and cons piece the Collegio would write about the resignation of Pope Benedict the XVI. I’m sorry to say that the article wasn’t at all what I thought it would be. The pros were insightful and I applaud the writer for her insight.
On the other hand, the cons were hateful, condescending and very uninformed. What was written was ill-explained and had nothing to do with the cons of the pope stepping down. I was even more appalled that someone who had no previous knowledge about Catholicism was asked to write about the various effects that the pope’s resignation would have on the church.
I think it is fairly obvious that no attempt at research was made on the part of the writer. I would also like to point out that the sex scandals that were mentioned did not happen just in the Catholic Church, but in every type of religion and organizational community across the world, and that they have nothing to do with the resignation of the pope.
Another criticism I’d like to address is when he says, “other than a religious institution, the Catholic Church is a political and a social one, and that means it affects the people outside it in ways that can be criticized.” The reason the Catholic Church is considered a political and social institution is because it’s the oldest and largest church on the planet that was given to us by Jesus Christ.
Because this is the belief of the Catholic Church, some people find it disconcerting, which explains the title of the article, “Wise Decision for a Misguided Church.”
In closing I think that if the Collegio wants to continue writing these kinds of articles it should be a formal requirement for sources to be checked, and that the opinions of the writer should have no weight when one has little to no idea of the subject matter.

A concerned Catholic,
Ray Nolla

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