Carnival brings out food and fun

Gretchen Burns | copy editor

The Dellinger Underground was filled with food and games on Tuesday, March 26.
The liaison-resident assistants of the residence halls paired up with the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA) and hosted the Grocery Carnival, giving away lots of food and prizes.
Mercedes Brink says she enjoyed the fun atmosphere and the possibility of winning food and prizes.
“I thought it was awesome as a whole. I got free food,” said Brink, junior in art education and psychology. “It was a great experience to meet new people for everyone.”
Snack foods, pop and candy were immediate prizes for the students who participated in games such as mini golf, Plinko, a duck pond and ring toss, and a bean-bag toss.
Residents could opt to take a raffle ticket instead of food for the chance to win a multitude of prizes. Donations included gift certificates to Café Del Rio, Mall Deli, Chatters, Maurices, as well as PSU T-shirts.
The biggest prizes of the night included a Blue-Ray player and a mini refrigerator, complete with a separate freezer.
According to Brittany Robbins, 88 students showed up for the event.
“We had a lot of people show up, “ said Robbins, senior in graphic design and RHA community relations coordinator. “We had a really great turnout.”
Amanda Campbell won a little bit of food, but chose to mostly earn tickets, and won the Maurice’s prize at the end of the night.
“It was fun. I probably had around 40 tickets,” said Campbell, junior in finance. “I’d definitely do this again.”
Ross Schartel enjoyed the evening by winning food and participating in the cake walk.
“I enjoyed the sense of merriment that this event instigated,” said Schartel, junior in history.
Kelsey Neiger, resident assistant-liaison, said that the idea for the event had come from the previous year at the suggestion of Zach Katzer, RHA president. It was improved upon for Tuesday night.
“I thought the event went very well. People came and had a great time, they stayed the whole time,” said Neiger, junior in education. “I would like to believe that they stayed because it was fun, not just for the raffle tickets. I think the games went well. We added some new ones this year, and they seemed to work just fine.”
Travis Eppinger was surprised by the event, but enjoyed it, saying that his previous school hadn’t put on an event such as the Grocery Carnival.
“It was different. I liked it,” said Eppinger, junior in graphic communications. “They didn’t have anything like this at my old college. They would have Grocery Bingo, but nothing to this high of a degree and this fun.”
Most of those who participated stayed until the end of the event, to see who won.
Ivy Sellers, freshman in biology, won the Blue-Ray player while Nathan Stewert, freshman in biology, won the refrigerator.
“I love winning and I love food,” said Shelby Rawles, senior in elementary education. “This was a really fun time.”

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