Bringing the world to Pittsburg

Joud Bayeh | reporter

International students will share a variety of cultural cuisine this week.
The Food & Culture Fair, hosted by the International Programs and Services Office and the International Students Association, will start at 5 p.m. Saturday, March 9, at the Memorial Auditorium.
Andy Gonzalez, graduate student in human resource development and president of the International Students Association, says it is the largest International Programs and Services event of the year.
He says it is a special event because it gives international students a chance to do something for the community and to share their culture with them.
“(It) is a way of thanking them for the warm welcome they have been given at Pitt State,” Gonzalez said.
With about 40 countries represented and 12 associations participating, the fair will feature food from Paraguay, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and South Korea.
Besides these countries, the Hispanics of Today, Native American Student Association, Social Work Plus and International Friends of Pittsburg will present their own dishes.
Tickets cost $1 and can be purchased at the door. The price of the food ranges between $1 and $1.50.
Kyongvin (Jamie) Lee, junior in international studies and president of the Korean Students Association, says the Korean students are excited to share their cuisine with PSU students and the local community of Pittsburg and try food from other cultures.
Lee also says the Korean table will serve “Bulgogi” (Korean grilled marinated beef) and Kimchi (Korean traditional fermented dish made of cabbages with various seasonings), which she says are two dishes that are typically most appreciated by non-Koreans.
The Taiwanese table will also feature a variety of traditional dishes. According to Chi-Ying Sun, freshman in English, they are going to prepare ground pork sauce with rice, pearl milk tea and pineapple shortcake.
“I am very excited to serve our traditional food,” Sun said. “It’s absolutely a great opportunity to let people know more about Taiwanese food. Taiwanese students can get together and work hard for all the preparations, the feeling is very good that we have the same goal to give good impression of our country.”
The event is open to the students and to the whole community of Pittsburg. Gonzalez says about 500 people are expected to attend.
“This is what we average every year, and we are very excited about the fun performances and the great food we will be providing like always,” he said.
“It is exciting to be able to put such an event to the Pittsburg community and bring the world to Kansas,” said Yazeed Ahldwayan, sophomore in marketing and management.
Abhishek Aloori, senior in automotive technology and member of the Indian Student Association, says that he values the cultural opportunity that the event presents.
“It is a good event that is going to bring all the Pittsburg community together and it is good for other international students to come and share their culture,” he said.

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