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International students tour America on Spring Break

Joud Bayeh | reporter

During Spring Break, three Pittsburg State students from around the world spread throughout the eastern U.S., visiting as many places as they could on the money and time budget of an international college student.

China’s Jilian Zhao wowed on tour
of eastern seaboard

Jialin Zhao, graduate student in human resources development, went to New York, Boston and Washington, D.C in a minivan with seven other people.
Zhao had a tight schedule in order to be able to see all three cities in-depth during her break.
“We went to MIT, Harvard and TD Garden when in Massachusetts, ” she said. “We watched the (Boston) Celtics vs. (the Miami) Heat, it is even more amazing when you watch it at the arena.”
Zhao visited the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, the 911 Museum and Madame Tussaud’s while in New York City. For her, the Empire State was the most amazing attraction.
“The night view is awesome,” she said. “When you’re on top of the building, you can see the whole of New York City.”
Zhao went on to Washington, D.C., and the White House, the U.S. Capitol, the National Air and Space Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Spy Museum.
“(It was) so awesome, I didn’t want to come back, it was like living in a dream,” she said. “Everything was great… nothing to worry about.”
Zhao says her trip’s only low point was the long hours on the road.
“It was a wonderful experience, but you just want to experience it once, because it was tiring and busy,” she said.
Still, Zhao says, she would come back to the cities she visited without hesitation if she had the opportunity.
“I have not shopped enough yet.”

Brazil’s Guilherme Pirri experience
spring break culture in Florida

Guilherme Pirri, junior in economics, went with six friends to Panama City Beach, Fla.

“It was interesting to leave the routine a little bit, and get to know a new place in the USA,” Pirri said. “Being with friends on the beach has served as a great way to rest.”
Pirri added that he thinks the beach was beautiful.
“Everything was really nice, except for the water, which was very cold… (I’m) used to have a warmer water temperature in my country.”
Pirri says that he believes there were too many people in Panama City Beach.
“The city was really crowded, with students coming from a lot of universities spread throughout (the) USA,” he said. “Some simple activities, like buying food in a grocery store, (were) a long process.
Still, Pirri says, the trip was worthwhile.
“There is nothing better than the beach and your friends all together.”

France’s Léo Asselin went on a wild road trip

Léo Asselin, graduate student in business administration, went on a road trip with eight other students, visiting Memphis, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami.
Asselin says that he had an encounter with the famous wildlife of the Florida Everglades.
“We saw a gator, a free one, and it was like a meter (3.2 feet) from us.”
When Asselin and his friends were at the Universal Studios park, they encountered a decorative water jet that wasn’t supposed to make people wet.
“Then, one of my friends took off his shoes, his socks, and jumped into it, splashing everyone around,” said Asselin. “He was totally wet, like if he dived into a swimming pool. We were so surprised, that we laughed for five minutes.”
Asselin says he had a blast.
“All of it was perfect, from the weather to the cities we visited, the universal studios park, the beach, everything,” Asselin said.

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