<h2> I love the environment of PSU</h2>

<h3> Jessica Sewing | Design Chief</h3>

Tonya Tomory has spent the better part of the last decade at PSU.
“I love, and have always loved, the environment of PSU,” said Tomory, instructor of communication.
Tomory has been an undergraduate student, a graduate teaching assistant and an instructor at Pitt State since she began in the fall of 2005.
“I love this place,” Tomory said.
Tomory says that because she was a student not long ago herself, she has found it easy to present information to her students in a way that they will understand and then use in their own lives.
“It has tremendously helped me in being able to relate to my students and let them know, ‘Hey, seven years ago I was in your chair, in this same classroom, in this same class,’” Tomory said.
Transitioning from student to instructor hasn’t been too difficult for Tomory. One aspect of the transition that has been more challenging for the instructor is relating to her former professors as colleagues.
“I have the utmost respect for the professors who taught me, and it’s an honor for me to now work beside them in a department I am so very proud of,” Tomory said. “I still have difficulties calling some by their first names and still refer to them as Dr. Allen or Dr. Drew, rather than Cynthia or Shirley.”
Tomory says she chose to attend PSU because it was a good distance from her hometown of Pleasanton.
“At the time, it was a nice luxury of only being an hour from home, far enough away to make my own life as a college student, but close enough to be able to go home quickly if needed,” Tomory said.
After graduating with her bachelor’s in 2008, Tomory left PSU to work in her field, but says she realized a year and a halflater that she was unfulfilled educationally.
“I knew I had more to learn in my field before making a professional career,” Tomory said.
That’s when Tomory decided to get her master’s degree from PSU as well, and she graduated with that degree in December 2011.
“It’s professional, yet laid back and comfortable. It’s small enough of a university that you are able to thrive and succeed, yet still challenges you educationally and professionally,” Tomory said.  “It truly is the entire package.”


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