Pitt wide Pub Crawl

Jay Benedict | editor-in-chief

Pittsburg’s nightlife landscape offers bar-goers anything from upscale cocktails to shots from a dildo.
While newcomers to the scene, like Danny Bell’s Wild West, are trying to make names for themselves, mainstays like McCarthy’s and Mooreman’s do their best to welcome old fans and accommodate the younger college crowds.
The last year has also seen a lot of change. Student favorites, The Jungle and Fat Daddy’s closed their doors recently and the 5th Street Bar and Grill changed hands in the last month. Others, like Chatter’s and Faces Saloon, are getting facelifts to keep their atmosphere fresh.
The newly-instituted Gus Bus makes it easier to safely journey from home to the bars nightly from Thursday to Saturday, offering stops within walking distance of many student residencies.
With ten hot spots to choose from, students and townies alike can use this guide to scope out their favorite.

The Break


The Break, located downtown, is the largest bar in Pitt and is also the only venue in town that is 18-to-enter, 21-to-drink, other than Holiday Lanes bowling alley.
Serving as the local Mecca for pool fans, The Break boasts 18 pool tables and the only 80-inch flat screen TV in in town. It hosts pool tournaments and league team competitions while offering a great place to watch any big sporting event.
The establishment also offers a classic bar menu including hot wings, nachos and mozzarella sticks, and their daily $1 shots come in different flavors every day and make the karaoke on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday especially entertaining.
Owner Rob Musgrave says the bar offers the best of a classic pool hall without the “fist fights and bullshit.”


JST Bobby G’s


Founded in May 2012, Bobby G’s offers a snapshot of the entire Pittsburg community. It’s not strange to see older patrons enjoying a drink alongside the college crowd.


The owner, former Fat Daddy’s bartender Bobby Gardullo, says he’s tried to establish two things: the atmosphere of an old-style pub and a policy of supporting local acts like the Shane Duling Band, PSU student band Dead Eye and blind piano player Todd East. The venue also welcomes other local artists to come play each night, except Sundays, between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m.
Besides live local music, Bobby G’s prides itself on a drink menu that includes martinis, special cocktails and a large wine list.


5th Street

5th Street is a bar to be in if you’re a sports fan. It features a huge projection screen upstairs where any big sporting event can be watched.
It offers a little of everything for its varied clientele, especially since it recently came under new management. Regulars will be delighted to see it now offers a lunch menu starting at 11 a.m. and that the bar installed a 55-inch TV downstairs for patrons that can’t find a seat upstairs on busy nights.
The dinner menu features highlights like steak tips, and the upstairs holds the best beer selection in town. Microbrews from across the country are available along with their own, in-house concoctions.
Taco Tuesday is the bar’s weekly popular event. It draws crowds of all ages and the highlight is three tacos for $1. That night, 5th Street also has a special on Mexican beers.


Mooreman’s rests directly across the street from the university, making it the most accessible place for students. The bar has a bit of a split personality depending on what night of the week it is.
The weekends are chaotic, with a club atmosphere, DJ and large dance floor where patrons can encounter townies or international students from across the globe. Weeknights see a more docile crowd that enjoys the pool tables, dart boards, and shuffle board. This is all a part of its motto, “memories are made at Mooreman’s.”
They want students to be lifelong customers and manager Nate Biggerstaff says he’s heard stories about people meeting their spouses and best friends in one of the Pittsburg’s most famous mainstays. Before the night crowd hits, Mooreman’s also serves deli sandwiches for $4 and offers sides like chips, queso and potato salad.


Bubba’s 311 Club


Bubba’s 311 Club is one of Pittsburg’s more unique bars, with its quarter pool, backyard-feel patio and the ever-popular bumper-pool table. It is rarely overcrowded, making it the perfect place for a more quiet hangout with a jukebox to control the tunes.

The club’s best asset, though, would be its unique patio area, complete with a gravel drinking area, seating and the yard game, washers. The prompt drink service doesn’t hurt either.


Thursday nights at 505 are synonymous with a good time.
The bar, located on downtown Broadway, hosts a weekly karaoke night on Thursdays, which always attracts the masses.
The 505 sports a massive bar and mobile bar stations are set up around the bar with well drinks and domestic brews. What really sets the bar apart is the 503 smoke shop adjacent to 505 that offers several pool tables in an indoor smokers’ haven.
The outrageous drink prices offer a welcome surprise, with $1 double wells and domestic beers offered on weekdays before nine p.m. Late night $3 double wells are offered on Thursdays and one would be foolish not to try the “Monster and vodka.”


McCarthy’s Pub

McCarthy’s, or, as the regulars simply call it, “The Pub,” features a laid back atmosphere where anything could happen. There might be a bartender in a speedo, or 50-year-old women taking “whiskey dick” shots.
Adhere to tradition: draw some graffiti on a dollar bill and hang it on the wall next to bills from years past. McCarthy’s biggest celebration of the year is coming up: the St. Patrick’s Day block party.

The Pub is a place where patrons should expect to see some of the more random moments Pitt has to offer.

Danny Bell’s Wild West

The Wild West is the newcomer of the Pitt bar scene, but it caters to the local country demographic.

Opened in December 2012, it is a country bar to its core. It plays everything from contemporary country music, to classic line dances and the increasingly popular “red dirt” genre.Cheap Jager bombs are its specialty, but beer and well drinks flow freely too. It features a 250 square-foot dance floor in front of the DJ booth for two-stepping and anything patrons want to do.

Faces Saloon

Faces may be known as Pitt’s “biker-friendly” bar, but it’s far from being overrun by the likes of the Hell’s Angels.
Anyone can have a laid-back night there with 50-cent jello shots, the Friday night DJ or Saturday night karaoke, and the bar’s self proclaimed “coldest beer in town” It offers an incredibly clean atmosphere, including bathrooms, with owners that serve as bartenders to ensure customer service and quality.
Their well drinks are some of the most potent in town.
Faces is currently remodeling and expanding to welcome and accommodate the increasing number of patrons.


The biggest Pitt State fans will find a home at Chatters. It offers incomparable support and access to the Gorillas after hours.
The venue is split into a restaurant side and bar side, and after 10 p.m. the bar side offers a late-night menu until 1 a.m. Also, after any PSU game, fans can expect to rub shoulders with players and coaches while enjoying half-price Crown and down.
It’s a Gorilla bar through and through, and since its July 2012 remodel, it offers plenty of TVs and a more upscale experience without sacrificing the value.
For students and fans who want a hangout with like-minded people, Chatter’s is a must.

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