Immigration reforms

Digu Eslampure | guest columnist

Political leaders across the spectrum are making their moves to reform the existing immigration laws, which will decide the fate of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.
Democrats and Republicans are making their moves cautiously. They do not want to lose their prospective voters. However, this will be the best opportunity for undocumented immigrants to gain legal status in the United States.
These reforms will add strength to the work force. It will give more freedom to these immigrants to do business more openly. They will get an opportunity to contribute their might to the mighty U.S. economy.
It will prevent employers from exploiting these workers because of their lack of legal status. They will get an opportunity to open new businesses and create jobs for other Americans. They will bring new ideas and diversity to the nation.
Most important, these reforms will produce a large chunk of voters. They will definitely have a huge impact on politics. Whichever party wins their hearts will get a big boost to their vote banks.
Along with the new ideas, these immigrants also bring a new set of challenges, which includes severe competition for jobs. However, these reforms will give native-born Americans first priority for jobs.
There have been many unsuccessful attempts to reform these immigration laws. I hope this time they will make it. The nation needs to deal with this as soon as possible; political leaders should vote on the reforms before it is too late.
These undocumented immigrants are staying in the United States for many years, so the government should either deport them to their home country or create a legal way for them to stay here permanently.
Why are these immigrants important to America? The most critical would be that they bring innovation, creativity and diversity. They increase consumer power. In other words, they represent a big boost to the economy.
There are certain facts to furnish the evidence and substantiate it. According to the Immigration Policy Center, firms owned by Latinos and Asians employ around 4.7 million workers a year. It is estimated that one-fourth of the firms in Silicon Valley were established by immigrants.
In the field of technology, immigrants contribute a lot; they have founded organizations such as Intel and Sun Micro Systems which are substantially contributing to the U.S. economy.
The United States and immigrants are dependent on each other. We cannot imagine a nation without immigrants. In fact, the United States is called a nation of immigrants. It provides a good platform for talented people.
Even today, in most of the countries of the world, talent and open thinking are being suppressed for various reasons. The U.S. offers them great support to pursue their thoughts and explore their knowledge in their field of interest. I believe that is one of the important reasons why a lot of skilled immigrants want to settle down in the United States.

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