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Senior aims to win $50,000

Jessica Sewing | design chief

Once the 30-second board goes out, 20 heads drop straight down: engines revving, handlebars vibrating, nerves building up. The gate falls and they’re off.
“Once the gate drops, all of the stress and problems I had during the week are gone,” said Alec Gaut, senior in communication graphics. “Definitely one of the best stress relievers I’ve ever had.”
Gaut started racing nearly 10 years ago when he was around 13. He says he’s been hooked ever since.
“It’s something that I’ve loved since the beginning,” Gaut said. “I’ve built a family with the people I race with.”

Alec Gaut, senior in commercial graphics, races his ATV in Kemp, Texas, during the 2012 season.

Alec Gaut, senior in commercial graphics, races his ATV in Kemp, Texas, during the 2012 season.

Gaut built this family by constantly traveling to races mostly in Oklahoma and Texas, but he has raced in more than 100 races over the past decade in a number of states.
In that time Gaut moved up in the rankings and has even gained four main sponsors: Iguana Lawns, JH Racing, L16 Films and Lumm Racing.
“My sponsors have opened a lot of doors for me and have helped me with racing fees, rides to the races and given me places to stay,” he said.
One of his sponsors, Joe and Kelly Gonzales at Iguana Lawn, even invited him to stay in Texas with them over the summer.
“It’s been a struggle, but without my sponsors’ help I wouldn’t be doing this full time,” Gaut said.
A little over a month ago, Gaut says he was scrolling through motocross websites and came across Champion’s Search for a Champion sponsorship competition.
The contest was to post a video of how he was a champion and get the most likes on it; it’s open for voting until Sunday, Feb. 3.
If Gaut gets enough likes by the 3rd, he wins $5,000 and moves on to the second round of voting, where he is up to win $50,000.
“People can vote every day,” Gaut said. “That’s why I have to be annoying about it and share it everyday.”
In his video, Gaut talks about he the brand he has created. He says the Gaut This brand is meant to inspire and motivate other people while spreading positive vibes.
“I’ve designed and printed my own logo on T-shirts to help fund my racing,” Gaut said.
So far he says he has printed and sold 60 shirts.
Gaut says the outcome of this Champion sponsorship could determine whether he keeps racing full time.
“Over the past couple of years, I have been able to travel all over the United States,” Gaut said, “and experience things that most people my age don’t.”

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