Comedian entertains students

Gretchen Burns | managing editor

Making jokes on everything from scrapbooking to Starbucks to marriage, Andy Hendrickson was able to keep roughly 30 students chuckling throughout his sketch on Tuesday, Feb. 12, in the U-Club of the Overman Student Center.
“He had a real world sense of humor,” said Ross Schartel, junior in history. “I thought he was good.”
Hendrickson was a showcase winner at HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, performed at TBS’ The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas and a finalist at the Great American Comedy Festival.
Hendrickson has performed at more than 100 colleges and has become a favorite headliner at comedy clubs across the country.
Hendrickson has performed internationally at clubs and festivals throughout Canada, England, Holland and Ireland, as well as throughout the Middle East to entertain the troops.
Elle Walker enjoyed the jokes and pop culture references that Hendrickson made during his sketch.
“I thought he was great. I enjoyed that a lot of his jokes were tailored to college-age students,” said Walker, junior in communication. “I especially loved him making fun of Starbucks because my roommate works for them.”
Taylor Patterson couldn’t stop laughing during the comedy sketch.
“I thought it was really funny. I thought it was really good,” said Patterson, sophomore in communication. “I liked how he brought up some gorilla jokes and PSU at the same time.”
However, Hendrickson seemed apparently flustered at the small crowd gathered, asking the crowd what they wanted to talk about or asking general questions about PSU.
“He kind of kept looking around, but he never got upset about the small audience that was here,” said Patterson. “I thought that was really cool.”

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