Best foot forward

How to prepare before meeting prospective employers

Joud Bayeh | reporter

Students who dream of working in big companies like Cessna Aircraft, Toyota, Subaru, Goodyear or Dillon’s have an opportunity to get their attention: Spring Career Day.
Hosted by the Career Services Office, the jobs fair will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21, in the Crimson and Gold ballroom at Overman Student Center.
Eighty-five organizations and companies will be present, breaking the last semester’s record of 83, says Mindy Cloninger, director of the career services.
Students will be able to speak with representatives from these businesses, industries, hospitals, non-profit agencies and military recruiters.
Henrique Kremer, junior in mechanical engineering, says he is attending the event looking for a summer internship.
“I know that the fair is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking for internships and jobs,” Kremer said. “I hope to make contacts, as one of the most important things about today is not what you know but who you know.”
To better prepare students for events like the Spring Career Day, the Career Service Office has been promoting some events such as Etiquette Dinner and the workshops on the do’s and don’t’s job interviews.
That event took place on Feb. 13 at 103 Kelce. Kim Hull, career counselor and student employment coordinator, spoke for almost an hour giving tips to the audience.
One of the 20 students who attended that event, Thiago Lanza, senior in marketing, says that it was useful.
“We learned a bunch of things that a great part of us didn’t have any idea about,” Lanza said. “The way to behave, how early to come to an interview, (whether to) send a thanks note after the interview and how to do it.”
Cloninger says that students coming to the fair on Feb. 21 should be sure to bring a resume.
“We do ask students to dress appropriately,” she said. “No jeans, no sweats and no ball caps if you are looking for a job or internship.”
Cloninger also says that the Career Services Office provides a good way to get professional clothing, the Career Cloth Closet.
There, students can borrow up to three clothing items for free. Any interested students may go to the Career Services Office in 201 Horace Mann for information.
Hull says the students should remain confident in themselves, have examples ready and have skills and qualifications to express.
“Even if you don’t know the employer, sit down and try to figure some of your skill qualifications, focus on that,” she said.
Kremer says he is anticipating the opportunity.
“During the fair I’ll look at all available opportunities, and deliver my resume for those who I think I have chances with, or where I fit the profile that the company is looking for,” Kremer said. “We should not be afraid of the companies, because they are here for us.”
Another big event of Career Services Office will be the Career Makeover on April 17.
“On that day we teach students how to present themselves professionally,” Cloninger said. “In one station we teach them how to tie a necktie, another to polish their shoes (or) offer quick haircuts.”

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