The little gingerbread house that could

Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporters

After hours of gluing it together with royal icing and decorating it with candy gumdrops, Devin Gorman and Misty Button were nearly finished with their gingerbread house.
“Constructing the house was a lot more work than we anticipated,” said Gorman, director of marketing and communications for the Pittsburg area Chamber of Commerce.
After they had finished constructing the seemingly perfect gingerbread house, the two looked on as the roof mysteriously collapsed.
“It was an awful, yet hilarious way to end the hours and hours of work we had just spent on the house,” Gorman said.
Gorman says they repaired the house that evening and submitted it hoping their work was finally finished.
“We were wrong,” he said.
The next morning Gorman says they received a phone call from the Wilkinson Alumni Center, telling them one of their walls had caved in. He says they repaired the house again and the icing finally stuck.
“If this were a children’s story it would be ‘The Little Gingerbread House That Could,’” Gorman said.
Even though it took them multiple tries to finish their house, Gorman and Button say it put them in a festive mood.
“Building the house was a fun and unique way to get into the spirit of the season,” Gorman said.
Two-time overall grand champions Rinnah and Josiah Emmerling didn’t have as many problems with their house.
“It didn’t surprise us that we won since we were grand champion last year,” said Rinnah, Pittsburg resident. “But there were only four entries last year.”
Rinnah says she and her brother chose to enter the contest simply for the joy of designing and decorating a gingerbread house.
“But we also entered so that my brother could destroy it,” Rinnah said.
Unlike the Emmerling’s, these sisters had little experience with gingerbread house building. Justice, Madison, and Jadin Obanion look on the challenge.
“It took a long time to build it,” said Jadin, six years old.
Madison Obanion decided to do a gingerbread house as soon as she found out about the contest in her first grade class.
“I was told I didn’t have to do it, but I wanted to,” said Madison, seven years old. “I asked mom and she said ‘yes’.”
Madison says that their house didn’t go smoothly either. Her house included a Santa figurine, that would not always stay put.
“Santa wasn’t a big help,” Madison said. “He kept falling off the roof.”
“I liked getting to play with the candy,” Madison said. “And eating it.”
Both teams say they plan to enter the contest again next year.
“Despite the fact that we may be terrible engineers,” Gorman said. “We had a great time.”

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