Teachers show off talent

J. Fred Fox | Collegio Reporter

Joe Summers, teacher at Prairie View High School who received his master’s in art at Pittsburg State, presented scrap metal, rebar and an old rusty wrench in a sculpture for the Inspiring Voices art exhibit

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at Porter Hall.
“I arranged the materials to depict my facial features as a self-portrait, welding together the most masculine materials I could imagine,” Summers said.

Pittsburg resident Betsy Gordan drops by the Inspiring Voices art exhibit Nov. 9, to enjoy the artwork.

Pittsburg resident Betsy Gordan drops by the Inspiring Voices art exhibit Nov. 9, to enjoy the artwork.

The exhibit features works of art from 16 high school art teachers. The teachers showed off their skills and imagination at the opening presentation Nov. 9. The art has been on display since Oct. 24, and will be there until Dec. 6.
S. Portico Bowman, gallery director, described what makes the exhibit special.
“Together, all of us who are passionate about art, and making it, teaching it, collecting it, showing it, reading about it and traveling to find it know that our lives as artists and teachers uphold some of the highest ideals of human endeavor,” Bowman said.
Teachers from the Four-State Area came together to create what Bowman described as one resounding voice to their students to inspire them and present their own creativity and passion.
Summers’ work was only one of the varying forms of art on display. There were also watercolor and pastel paintings, ceramic sculpture, fused glass jewelry, wood carving, photography and a blacksmithed candlestick.
Rebecca Lomshek, a PSU graduate in both math and art who teaches at Pittsburg High, fused the two subjects together to create a math-inspired oil painting. Lomshek used mathematical patterns to orient her “Circle Study” titled work. Lomshek also has a tile painting hanging in the math department in Yates Hall. This painting changes from day to day because the math faculty members move and switch one or two tiles at a time per day.
Liz Darling, also from Pittsburg High, presented a series of paintings about symbiotic relationships inspired by a cross section of the human body.
“I wanted to convey balance and harmony through my use of shapes and color,” Darling said.
Seth Wolfshorndl, Joplin High, presented an ink wash painting entitled “Miles Away,” depicting famous jazz musician Miles Davis.
“It’s not just a painting of Miles Davis,” Wolfshondl said. “I tried to imagine a visualization of Davis’ style and present it in the background of the painting.”
Wolfshorndl says he wants to make it part of a series that will include B.B. King and John Coltrane.
On Thursday, Nov. 15, about 350 area high school students will flood campus to participate in High School Art Day, experience the Inspiring Voices exhibit and participate in other activities at Porter Hall.

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