‘I feel like I really make a difference’

PSU Alumna puts her degree to work in the community

Carl J. Bachus | Collegio Reporter

Some students plan to move to new towns after graduation to find work, but not Sarah Jensen. Jensen, PSU alumna who received a bachelor

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of science in technology in commercial graphics in 2010, chose to use her degree to enrich the culture of Pittsburg by serving as the public relations and marketing director for the Colonial Fox Theatre Foundation.
“My major was commercial graphics,” Jensen said. “So I spent a lot of time at the tech center, but I also took marketing classes in the business school as well.”

Sarah Jensen, Pitt State Alumna, Public Relations & Marketing Director for the Colonial Fox Theater Foundation.

Sarah Jensen, Pitt State Alumna, Public Relations & Marketing Director for the Colonial Fox Theater Foundation.

Jensen says her degree, and previous experience from an internship, helps her with all of her duties. She says her average workload fluctuates on a daily basis and depends on what’s happening at the theater.
“Every day is vastly different from the next,” she said. “Most of the time I am handling promotions, our ad schedule, handling the promotions and trying to make sure the community is aware of what we’re doing here.”
Jensen’s tasks also include managing the foundation’s online brand, graphic design for promotional material, crafting a quarterly newsletter and managing the foundation’s volunteer program.
“We really owe a lot to the volunteers to keep things going,” Jensen said. “As a non-profit, we maintain a volunteer program so that we can get help for any events that we’re doing, whether it’s theater tours or the Friday Flicks. We manage the events, but it’s all operated by volunteers.”
While other students with interests in marketing may want to move away from Pittsburg and use their talents in a bigger city, Jensen decided to stay in Pittsburg because she has strong emotional ties to the area.
“I like my job because I feel like I really make a difference,” she said. “I believe in the cause and I believe in, not just historic preservation, but I really, really believe in what we’re doing and how it will benefit the community.”
Jensen says she loves Pittsburg because she enjoys living in a small town and sees the community as more of a family.
“Sometimes, when you’re a student, you live in this little bubble,” Jensen said. “And, unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to break away from that. When I graduated and really started becoming active in the community, I found out that I really love this community. Not just my alma mater, but Pitt and Southeast Kansas in general.”
Jensen runs into the theater every day and snaps a medley of pictures to post online and inform interested parties of the theater’s construction progress.
“It’s my job to make sure everyone is up to date on our progress,” she said. “We have to make sure the community knows how we’re doing and that we’re making progress.”
Jensen says the support behind the theater’s renovation inspires her and keeps her going.
“A lot of people take things like this for granted,” Jensen said. “They were going to demolish it. The wrecking ball was inevitably going to come and turn this place into a parking lot. But, only through the effort of community members that said ‘no’ and raised $45,000 to save the building.”

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