Have you seen my gorilla?

Sara Seals | Collegio Reporter

After hours of working in front of her computer, filtering through dozens of different directions for the right design, Janelle Kranker finally brought her concept to life.
“The entry form asked for some

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thing that showed school spirit and that was PSU related,” said Kranker, senior in art. “This is where I got the idea for the gorilla face on the underside of the shirt.”
In October, SAC presented students with an opportunity to design a T-shirt that will be sold in the campus bookstore.
Ashley Cross, event coordinator, says the students had to create an original T-shirt design that met various guidelines. In addition to relating to school spirit, the shirt also needed to be printed in red, black, yellow or gray.

Janelle Kranker, a senior in art, models her winning t-shirt design from the SAC and CAC t-shirt contest.  As the winner Kranker's shirt will be sold by the University Bookstore.

Janelle Kranker, a senior in art, models her winning t-shirt design from the SAC and CAC t-shirt contest. As the winner Kranker’s shirt will be sold by the University Bookstore.

“It’s not something we do every year,” said Cross, sophomore in justice studies. “But I thought it was a good way to spread school spirit.”
Through a process of thumbnails and rough drawings Kranker created a design that did what she wanted. She says she wanted her design to be something college students would find catchy, and also be something they could interact with.
“It will be exciting to see fellow students wear my artwork,” Kranker said. “It truly is an honor.”
She says she can’t wait to wear it herself, either.
“It will be awesome,” she said. “Other than illustrating a children’s book, it is the most widely produced thing I have designed.”
Kranker says she likes the concept of the contest. She says as an aspiring artist, the contest is a good way to get her name into the world.
“This will give me motivation for future work,” Kranker said.
Kranker describes herself as an illustration-based artist, and the contest gave her the opportunity to work with graphics. She says the difference between illustrations and graphics is graphic design involves more editing of the design.
“My work usually stays on the traditional illustration side,” Kranker said. “It was fun to explore graphic design.”
While Kranker explored graphics, second-place winner Casey Steinmiller says she was able to learn more about T-shirt designs.
“This contest helped me with learning the creative side of things,” said Steinmiller, freshman in art.
Steinmiller says she was excited to finish second.
“I was pretty confident going into the competition,” she said. “I did well in similar competitions in high school.”
Third-place winner Kenzi Jordan says she thought the contest was different than any other one offered at Pitt State.
“These shirts are sold to the students,” said Jordan, junior in communications graphics. “I think that is neat.”

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