Easier for some, but not for all

Grads master evaluations

Sara Seals | Collegio Reporter

For many students, enduring the stress of finals as an undergraduate is enough for a lifetime. However, some students choose to go through it again to receive a graduate d

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“Even through the stress, I am enjoying every minute and learning a lot along the way,” said Lori Dyer, graduate student in English literature.
Throughout the semester, graduate students must take nine credit hours to be a full time student, while undergraduates must have 12 hours. The difference in the requirements is the more demanding workload in graduate courses
“This workload is more time consuming,” said Lance Gordon, graduate student in technology education. “Personally, this is way harder for me.”
While Gordon says he finds the extra work stressful, Joseph Smith says the program is stressful for other reasons.
“I have a higher stress level because I care more,” said Smith, graduate student in communication. “I want to do better as a graduate than I did as an undergraduate.”
At the graduate level of education, the written finals common in undergraduate courses are replaced with massive projects and written essays.
Gordon says he understands that this form of final evaluation is difficult for him, though it may be simpler for others.
“I know there are people with test anxiety,” Gordon said. “I am just not one of those people.”
Dyer says any final becomes easier to handle once a students find a study habit that is right for them.
“Find a study strategy that works best for you,” Dyer said. “Everyone learns differently.”
Taylor Davis, graduate student in psychology, says she has a system that works with her own educational needs.
“I find myself studying more often now than I did as an undergrad,” Davis said. “It has just become natural to open my book and read my chapters.”
Like Davis, Dyer says she understands the importance of opening her books and studying to ensure the best grades possible on some of her last finals. Dyer says the key to a successful final is to study smarter, not harder.

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