Putting the ‘bang’ in Bangledesh

AJ Thurman | Collegio Reporter

Raiyan Hasin Showrob says that he usually lies when asked if he likes hilsa.
“I say I’m allergic to that fish, but I’m actually not,” said Showrob, sophomore in mechanical engineering.
Hilsa is the national

fish of Bangladesh and Showrob says it’s odd for people not to like the fish.
“How do I tell people I don’t like the national fish?” Showrob said.
Bangladesh was the featured country at the most recent international gathering last Friday, Nov. 2. Students and residents gathered in Grubbs to learn more about the country.
Throughout the evening a presentation was shown to give an overview of Bangladesh, and several samples of Bangladeshi cuisine were available.
“We didn’t get a lot of time to prepare this,” Showrob said. “A lot of the presentation was impromptu.”
Khaled Alkaldy says he enjoyed the informative presentation.
“I thought it was quite well done,” said Alkaldy, sophomore in mechanical engineering. “There was a lot of information, but it was funny at the same time.”
Alkaldy says he learned a lot about the history and culture of Bangladesh.
Rachael Osborne says she knew next to nothing about Bangladesh before the event.
“All I pretty much knew was that it was next to India,” said Osborne, junior in math education.
Osborne says she attends most of the international gatherings to learn about countries she otherwise might not study.
“I think it would be really awesome to visit Bangladesh now,” she said.
During the presentation, the Bangladeshi students talked about how the country went to war over their native language, Bengali.
A movement was started in Bangladesh to preserve their mother tongue. From that movement came the creation of the International Mother Language Day, which is now celebrated worldwide.
Showrob says he thinks the people who attended left with a good knowledge of Bangladesh.
“The people who came had the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Bangladesh,” he said. “Not in great detail, but a good quick glance.”

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