Opinion: Win or lose

Fan support shown in numerous ways

RJ Palmgren | Guest Columnist

Fan support is part of sports culture all over the world. All fans show their support in a variety of ways. Fans who stand and scream all through the game ar

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e not necessarily more supportive than the fans who watch while seated quietly. When a team is losing badly and fans get up and leave, I do not believe that makes them any less of a fan than the people who stay to watch the end of the game.
Yes, some of those fans could be considered “bandwagon fans,” but a lot of fans simply cannot stand to watch their beloved team get blown out. There might be players who enjoy looking up and seeing those fans still supporting them during a bad game, but I believe a majority of the athletes could care less about that while they are still playing. Athletes play sports because they love the game; pleasing fans is just a small part of why they play.
I personally like to stand up and cheer for whatever team I am supporting. I don’t look down on fans who do not support the team the way I do. The way I look at it, they obviously care about the team if they are there in the first place and spent the money to buy tickets, food, etc. This is only going to help my team. In a perfect world, I would prefer every fan cared like I do, but that isn’t realistic. I welcome so-called “bandwagon” fans because they are still supporting my team. No fan starts out as a crazy fanatic. It takes time to build that connection between a person and a team.

RJ Palmgren is a junior in Spanish education

A disappointed fan remains in the student section in the second half of the game against Missouri Western's on Oct. 20 in Carnie Smith Stadium at the homecoming game. The Gorillas lost 63 to 14.

A disappointed fan remains in the student section in the second half of the game against Missouri Western’s on Oct. 20 in Carnie Smith Stadium at the homecoming game. The Gorillas lost 63 to 14.

Fans should stick by their team

Jackie Nugent | Guest Columnist

Each year, I make an effort to attend all the sporting events at Pitt because I realize the importance of fan support. The athletes practice hard, and I can see the passion they have for the sport as they play in front of a large crowd on game day. It is their time to shine and show off their hard work.
In a game, there will always be a winner and a loser. As much as I want my team to win, there will be times when they will lose. Although it is hard to watch a blowout, I choose to stick around until the last second. In particular, I have attended all of this season’s home football games. What I love most is walking into a packed stadium and seeing a sea of crimson and gold. Fans are on their feet, cheering at the top of their lungs and creating an atmosphere unlike any other at this division of football.
At the beginning of this season, the Gorillas were winning every game and appeared to be unstoppable. Fans were shocked at the complete turnaround of scores in the second half of the season. Even though we would be down a couple of touchdowns, there was still hope of a win. Once recovering from being down several touchdowns seemed nearly impossible, fans’ attitudes quickly changed. It’s upsetting to see the crowd filing down the aisles and it must be a depressing sight to the players.
It is frustrating to watch your team lose, but it is still important to show some support and a little encouragement. I would like for the players to look up from the sidelines and find that the crowd still believes in them, through the good and the bad. I realize there are times when it is highly unlikely my team will make a comeback, but I will always choose to stay for the entire game. Win or lose, you will still find me cheering for my team.

Jackie Nugent is a junior in business and Spanish

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