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Short study-abroad trips expose students to new world view

Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporters

Every year hundreds of PSU students venture abroad on trips, whether it is a week or a semester long.
According to the study-abroad M

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egan Corrigan, coordinator, the majority of students prefer the short-term faculty led programs.
Corrigan says that the faculty-led trips give students exposure to new knowledge and ideas that they can then incorporate into their own worldview.
“Study abroad is important preparation for anyone planning to take on a leadership role in the globally connected society that we now live in,” Corrigan said.
From Spain to South Korea, PSU offers around eight faculty-led trips for students to choose from. Corrigan says that most students begin to think about studying abroad during their freshman year.
Darren Botello-Samson, faculty-leader for the Bolivia trip, says that students who go on these trips get to see a diverse world in a short period of time.
“In this time of experience that shapes the way students will see the world for the rest of their lives,” said Botello-Samson, assistant professor of political science.
A majority of the deadlines for the faculty-led trips are before the close of the semester.
Corrigan says that the most difficult part is getting all the details ironed out.
“There are a lot of details that need to fall in place for a student to find a program that is a good fit,” Corrigan said. “Depending on the location students have to also figure out passports, visa and vaccines they might need.”
Corrigan says that there are few cons for students to studying abroad.
“Studying abroad gives students a chance to cement language skills, to gain an understanding of the different cultures,” Corrigan said.

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