100 points to Slytherin

AJ Thurman | Collegio Reporter

Mandi Ontis knew the school song.
The tables, in the Crimson and Gold Ballroom in the Overman Student Center, were decorated with tall canisters that
Jessica Ziesenis, senior in communication art and creative writting, and Madison Dennis, senior in communication graphics, participate in the Harry Potter trivia night in the Grimson and Gold Ballroom on Tuesday, Nov. 11th.“We did some trivia quizzes online beforehand,” said Griffith, sophomore in communication.
“Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,” said Ontis, senior in com- munication.
were filled with colored water and
Their team also included Addison Regier, and Scott says they made it to the final round. She says their team, “Bertie Botts,” was assembled the day before the competi- tion.
No, it wasn’t the PSU song, but it was the answer to a question at the Harry Potter Trivia Night on Tuesday, Nov. 13.
dry ice to give the atmosphere a magical feel. Pizza was provided for contes- tants and patrons who came to cheer on their friends. In between the rounds, SAC held raffles to give away Harry Potter shirts, wal- lets and other goodies to those in attendance.
“It was so nerve-racking during the final round,” Scott said.
Ontis and three of her friends formed a team called “Here Comes Harry Boo Boo” for the competition, which was created by the Student Activities Council. Jeanine Kun- shek was the student in charge of organizing this event.
Kunshek says there were 11 teams registered in the event, and the teams were sorted into the four “houses” from the Harry Potter world. A bracket was drawn up and the game was played as a double elimina- tion tournament, meaning a team had to lose twice before it was eliminated. The teams were then split up and quizzed to test their knowledge of the Harry Potter books and movies.
In the final round, Scott’s team went up against a team that was undefeated. Since it was double elimination, the “Bertie Botts” had to beat their opponent twice in a row to win.
“We’ve been working hard to put this event on,” said Kunshek, senior in psychol- ogy and Spanish. “We’ve spent about half the semester working on it.”
“I can’t believe we won,” Griffith said. “I just came for fun, but winning was a huge shocker.”
Ontis and her teammates made it to the third to last round before finally being eliminated.
Some participants were more prepared for the wizard trivia than others.
Both Griffith and Regier agreed that Scott was the driving force behind the team.
“I didn’t expect us to make it very far at
“I was born for this,” said Amanda Scott, senior in commercial art and graphic design.
“Our strategy was to not touch our buzz- ers,” said Reiger, junior in secondary educa- tion. “We let Amanda answer.”

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