Teams eager to hit new court

Tyler Smith | Sports Reporter

The Pitt State men and women’s basketball teams got their seasons under way on Monday, Oct. 15. The expectations for both teams are high after the successful seasons last year.
The men’s team made it to the finals of the MIAA Tournament while the women’s team had the best season in school history, and they reached the Elite Eight in the NCAA Division II Tournament.
“Well, we’re excited about the 2012-2013 season,” said Lane Lord, head coach for the women’s team. “Obviously, last year was our best season ever in school history. We also have 12 players back who got to taste a little bit of that success.”
Men’s coach Kevin Muff says his team is fired up and ready to go after ending last season on a high note.
“We’re prepared, and we’re ready to go. The first day is always an exciting time,” Muff said. “We got a lot of work ahead of us, and we’re ready for the season to get here as soon as possible.”
The work he is talking about is getting the team members acquainted and working as one, since they lost a majority of last year’s team: only five players are returning.
“We’ve got a good mix,” Muff said. “We’ve got a lot of young kids, a lot of new faces on the team. We’ve also got some returners, and we’re very solid with our returning group.”
Lord will also need to rebuild a bit, since he lost five seniors from last year’s team. However, he is not concerned about the team.
“I’m really excited about the commitment that our kids gave this summer,” Lord said. “We got bigger, we got faster and we got stronger.”
For the men’s team, senior forward Ricco Pierrevilus says he believes his teammates will not have trouble coming together this season.
“It wasn’t hard. That’s why these incoming kids are special,” Pierrevilus said. “It didn’t take so much time for them to start gelling with the team, so everything else is going to be special.”
Redshirt sophomore Y’Cedria Devers, forward, says she believes the women’s team will be even better this year.
“We’re adjusting pretty well. We all are working pretty hard to get our chemistry down, that is the main focus,” Devers said. “We compete every day to make each other better, and we just take it a practice at a time.”
The men’s team will start its season with an exhibition game against Wichita State University on Nov. 5. The women’s team will start its season with an exhibition game against the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Oct. 29.

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