People of Pittsburg: Kelly Tippie

'It's scary and bloody, and it's all OK'

Val Vita | Managing Editor

If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume yet, Kelly Tippie can help. Tippie has run Broadway Productions since last year, and now is her busiest time of the year. Despite the Halloween rush, she finds time to search for the perfect costume for every client.

Kelly Tippe, owner of Broadway Productions.

Kelly Tippe, owner of Broadway Productions.

You can almost get lost inside Broadway Productions, 216 S. Broadway. The store has unending shelves of clothes, masks, wigs and other accessories. Most of them were already there when Tippie bought the store, she says. Others came from a place called Roy’s, in Joplin, when it went out of business.
Tippie lives in Joplin, but she was born in Texas. Since her dad was in the military, she says her family has been everywhere. Today, Tippie is 41 years old and a mother of three boys.
She says she got involved with Broadway Productions last year when the owner retired. The place had been in business for 27 years and was one of Tippie’s favorite businesses.

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