Jungle welcomes new royalty

Val Vita | Managing Editor

Marsh sings, then becomes queen

Alyssa Marsh sang the national anthem on the stage of the Crimson and Gold Ballroom at the beginning of Convocation on Wednesday, Oct. 17. A few minutes later, she was cal

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led up on stage again, this time, to be crowned as the 2012 homecoming queen.
“I am completely overwhelmed, happy and shocked,” said Marsh, junior in fashion merchandising with a minor in opera. “I had no idea so many people knew about me.”

Alyssa Marsh, homecoming queen.

Alyssa Marsh, homecoming queen.

Marsh is 20 years old and she was born in Overland Park, where her parents still live. She is an only child. Marsh is part of the Pitt State University Opera and she sings for the Tulsa Opera Company. She is also a member of the National Cheerleader Association, even though she is no longer a cheerleader.
Marsh was representing Sigma Alpha Iota for Homecoming. She says she believes the reason she received the most votes, out of the six semifinalists, was her participation in more than six campus organizations. Marsh says she also had the support of the music, family and consumer sciences and women studies departments.
“I can represent a wide variety of students on campus,” she said. “My Sigma sisters told me to just be myself and people would like me.”
But who is Alyssa Marsh? She says she defines herself as outgoing, generous, kind and spunky. On Monday, Oct. 15, when all 26 candidates answered two questions each, she says one of her answers easily defined her.
“One of the questions was, ‘What was the most sensible thing someone has said to me?’” Marsh said. “And I said that my mother always told me to give myself credit for my accomplishments, to be grounded and learn from my mistakes.”
She says she is going to graduate in 2014 and move to a larger city, like Chicago or Dallas, to develop a career as a stylist. Since her other passion is opera, she says she wants to teach it to young kids.

Robinson knew he’d be king

While Alyssa Marsh cried when she was announced as Homecoming queen, Ryan Robinson laughed and cheered when Steve Erwin called his name. The newly crowned Homecoming king says he had a feeling he would win.

Ryan Robinson, homecoming king.

Ryan Robinson, homecoming king.

“When I heard first and second attendants, I felt it was going to be me,” said Robinson, junior in music education with emphasis in percussion.
Robinson says he was in the contest because he accepted an invitation to represent Alpha Sigma Alpha as their Homecoming king candidate.
“And I thought it was an honor,” Robinson said. “I feel like I had a lot of support from friends and organizations. I was connected to different people.”
Robinson, 20 years old, was born in Kansas City, Mo., and has seven sisters. He says music is not just his major; It’s one of his passions.
“When I have free time I like free time I like to listen to music and create it,” Robinson said. “I compose and make music for hip hops and rap. I do it to relax because I feel pretty busy the rest of the time.”
Robinson is part of the Black Student Association and plays in the PSU marching band. When he is not busy with music he says he likes to play sports. Robinson says he won the title because he was able to answer the questions in the contest effectively.
2012 King and Queen Ryan Robinson, and Alyssa Marsh embrace to congradulate each other Wednesday, Oct. 17.

2012 King and Queen Ryan Robinson, and Alyssa Marsh embrace to congradulate each other Wednesday, Oct. 17.

“I define myself as an open-minded, patient and just really determined in my goals,” Robinson said. “The most important things in my life are my religion [he is a Christian], family, friends, music and fun.”
Robinson is going to graduate in 2014, when he’ll become a teacher.

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