Increased numbers not result of transfers

Gretchen Burns | Collegio Reporter

The enrollment numbers of transfer students have gotten slightly smaller over the last three fall semesters, but students continue to choose Pittsburg State University as the school they want to transfer t

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o from community colleges.
Katie Zimbeck says she transferred to PSU because of her desired major.
“I chose Pittsburg State University for its excellent teacher education program,” said Zimbeck, senior in elementary education. “I knew I was going to be learning a lot, and this has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.”
In the fall of 2010, the number of transfer students at PSU was 555. It dropped to 529 in the fall of 2011 and rose slightly to 531 this fall.
Many students, like Cori Brown, choose to attend a community college for different reasons, before they transfer to a four-year school. Brown says she decided to attend a community college because it was the easiest transition after high school.
“I had friends going there, the price was right, and it bought me time to figure out this ‘game of life.’ I could make some goals and get ideas for a career,” said Brown, senior in biology.
Brittany Robbins, on the other hand, felt that community college was the best place to get started.
“I started off at a community college because it was the right fit for me and the best way for me to get started,” said Robbins, senior in commercial graphics.
Clark Neal says he chose to attend community college because he wasn’t sure where he wanted to go in life.
“I didn’t know what path I truly wanted to devote myself to four years ago, so it was more or less a decision based on economics,” said Neal, junior in Spanish. “Besides that, I was able to use that time to really improve all of my skill sets before digging into upper-level course material.”
Zimbeck says the cost of community college was the main factor in her decision to start college at Johnson County Community College.
“I started off at a community college to get some classes out of the way for a much cheaper price,” Zimbeck said. “I went there for two years, and paid out of my own pocket and know that I left there debt-free.”
Brown says she transferred to Pitt State from Fort Scott Community College because it was the best option.
“I chose Pitt because it had a great price, great location to my family and friends and offered me the education and degree I was looking for that would prepare me for my future,” Brown said.
Neal says he decided to transfer so he could develop some new goals.
“It was time to start training for new personal challenges both here in the United States and abroad in Spain and Latin America,” Neal said. “Also, the faculty of the Spanish department is impressive. Top-down, the professors are great to work with and provide students a level of educational quality that one should expect.”
Zimbeck says her decision to transfer from a community college to a university was the right choice.
“I adapt to change pretty well,” Zimbeck said. “I met people super quickly, and it feels like my home away from my actual home in KC.”
Brown says that transferring to a university wasn’t a culture shock for her. “I had done some traveling before I decided to go to Pittsburg State University and done some national community service programs to where I had gotten a chance to meet people from all walks of life,” Brown said.
Neal agreed with Brown that there really isn’t a culture shock in transferring from a community college to a four-year university.
“Any culture shock I feel here in Pittsburg is nowhere as intense as spending even three weeks backpacking around Spain,” he said. “The only things I really miss right now are my family, my homies and the live jazz scene back home.”

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