Time to tailgate

Val Vita | Managing Editor

The Gorillas don’t start playing until 6 p.m. on Saturday, but Michael Saldivar and Grant Currier are already prepared to be tailgating in the parking lot of Carnie Smith Stadium at 10 a.m.
“The best part is staying at the parking lot,” said Currier, undeclared sophomore.
Saldivar says they might not even get in the stadium, which he says won’t stop them from cheering, since everyone cheers in the parking lot.
“We are bringing a lot of beer,” said Saldivar, sophomore in communications and Sigma Phi Epsilon integrant. “We usually go in a frat brother’s truck. During the game, even rivals frats high five, because it’s our football team.”
Most PSU students get excited before a home game, but after winning the National Championship last year, this first game will be especially exciting, says Priscilla Adamah.
“Everyone is excited,” said Adamah, sophomore in justice studies. “I love soccer and for me, the most exciting part is when players come out on the field and are ready to kick off the ball.”
Adamah says she buys new PSU T-shirts for every game, and she’s preparing motivational posters to hang on the doors of the football players she knows.
The friendship with some football players, says Jada Reese, made her become a big fan of football.
“I wasn’t a fan of football until college,” said Reese, junior in psychology and Spanish. “But here, football is a serious matter. And I like it better when I know people off the field. Besides, I like the screaming, the yelling and the food.”
Exchange student Henrique Kremer says he will have a brand new experience this Saturday. He says he has seen football on TV, but he’s never actually been to a game in person.
“I got my ticket three weeks ago,” said Kremer, junior in mechanical engineering. “Everybody says this is amazing, I just can’t wait for it. I think it will be crazy, with everybody screaming and jumping.”
Rylie Odom shares the same expectation.
“We are really famous for tailgating, and I’m excited to see it,” said Odom, freshman in pre-med. “My boyfriend is coming and I already have T-shirts. I also want to by those stickers to put on my face.”
Even the temperature, according to Odom, will be perfect on Saturday. She says it should be around 70 degrees.
To make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand, Mike McCracken, director of university police and parking services, says the security will be reinforced. In addition to the 13 officers on the Pitt State police, they will have extra officers from the city police and some from private securities in Kansas City, like they did last year.
“We want to make sure that everybody has fun and stays safe,” McCracken said.
According to the football tailgate policy, available on Pitt State website, alcohol may only be consumed during tailgate and anyone consuming beer should bring identification.
“We will be checking IDs on tailgate area, to check if there’s any underage drinking,” McCracken said.
Only beer cans are allowed, the sale of alcohol is prohibited, and nobody can consume beer in Gorilla Village and inside the Carnie Smith Stadium, except in the skyboxes.
All brown-permit vehicles parked in the stadium parking lot need to be moved before Friday at 10 p.m. PSU police will contact the owners of any vehicles that remain in the lot. Any vehicle that is still parked in the lot after 2 a.m. on Saturday will be subject to citation for unauthorized parking.
The lot will open for tailgating activities and game day parking at 6 a.m. on Saturday. The cost to park will be $5.

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