Support integral for PSU ‘Honorary Family’

Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporter

Every year during family weekend, the Family Day Committee picks one family to be the Honorary Family. This year, that family is the Tom and Bev Berberich family, who were nominated by their daughter Jessica.
Jessica Berberich wrote in her nomination application about how supportive and encouraging her family is to her and her sister.
To nominate her family, Berberich had to fill out an application that involved answering a number of questions as to why her family should be chosen. The questions ranged from how her family encouraged her to gain higher education to their involvement with PSU.
Berberich said in the submission that her parents had supported her and her sister, Jaimie throughout high school and into college.

The Berberich family (left to right: Tom, Jaimie, Bev and Jessica) shown with PSU president Steve Scott.

The Berberich family (left to right: Tom, Jaimie, Bev and Jessica) shown with PSU president Steve Scott.

“When we were in high school, they served on the Band Boosters committee,” said Berberich, senior in English education. “My parents also volunteered to help other organizations such as judging debate and forensics tournaments.”
She continued in her application about how her parents push her to be successful in life.
“From a young age, I can remember my parents telling me that there was an order in life that I was to follow: graduate from high school, graduate from college, get a job, get married, have children,” Berberich said.
Berberich says they wanted her to get her college education, and get the most out of college, too.
“My parents have also encouraged us to expand our academic opportunities,” Berberich said. “The greatest of which was when Jaimie and I became the first Pittsburg State students to study abroad through PSU in Paraguay. My sister and I were hesitant to study abroad, but my parents convinced us of the program’s academic and cultural value.”
Many students can agree with Berberich when she says that she is the person she is because of her parents.
“One of the most important characteristics I have learned from my family is the importance of hard work,” Berberich said. “When I was young, my parents struggled financially and they both worked multiple jobs in order to support our family,”
According to David Hogard, of the numerous nominations that the Family Day Committee received, Berberich’s letter stood out the most.
“She wrote about the support and encouragement she and her sister received from their parents throughout their lives,” said Hogard, assistant director for employer relations in the office of career services. “Berberich’s story is familiar to many outstanding Pitt State students, whose parents have played an important role in putting them on the path to success.”

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