SGA renews collegiate readership program

Zach Wagner | Collegio Reporter

After an hour-long discussion between senators of Pitt State’s Student Government Association, the members voted in favor of renewing the USA Today Collegiate Readership Program.
Without the program, Pitt State would have gotten rid of the box dispensaries on campus that provide three different newspapers for students.
Lara Ismert, SGA President, had some opening words for the organization before final votes were taken.
“Regardless of how the voting goes, if it’s voted in or out, I won’t be disappointed either way,” Ismert said.
During the discussion period for the bill, Senator Steve Chastain was the first to voice his opinion.
“I like the program, I’ve used it since my freshman year,” Chastain said. “I’ve had teachers require me to read the paper for an assignment. I see no reason to get rid of it.”

SGA Senators listen to individual inputs on Collegiate Readership Program.

SGA Senators listen to individual inputs on Collegiate Readership Program.

Sen. Austin Osborn also opposed eliminating program, saying that without a definite expense for the extra papers, there is no reason to get rid of it.
“Until there is a program totally set up where the money is going to go, the program needs to stay,” Osborn said. “I don’t think that’s fair to take the program away from the students.”
Sen. Kafui Alomenu echoed Osborn’s remarks.
“To take this away and tell me to look to a smart phone is inappropriate,” Alomenu said. “It’s not everyone who has that. I don’t think its something we should go for.”
Steve Erwin, SGA advisor, replied that there is never an instant alternative for the surplus of money.
“If any program is discontinued, it goes to the fee council reserves,” Erwin said. ”It will come as a part of new funding for the coming semesters. But until then it’s undecided.”
Sen. Edwin Stremel strongly supported the elimination of the program.
“It’s a luxury, not a necessity,” Stremel said. “You can get papers anywhere. I can pick up the USA today, Morning Sun, and Joplin Globe just down the street. There are only a few things in the paper that you can’t find online as well: funny pages, advertisements, and certain photos. Stop funding luxuries with student fees.
After a vote was taken among the senators, the members renewed the program for another year, and consequently hoped to spread more campus awareness about the program.
SGA will meet again next week at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 12 in room 409 Russ Hall.

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