SGA gives Safe Ride $8,300

Marcus Clem | Collegio Reporter

Student senators endorsed the tailgating change and voted to help students caught without a ride, during their weekly meeting Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Student Government Association (SGA) vice president Sydney Ward presided over the meeting. The Senate first completed a vote on a resolution to endorse the Pitt State administration decision to ban alcohol
consumption after kickoff at home football games. The resolution was passed by voice vote with no objections. This was a noted change from the previous week, when senators expressed concern as to the
measure’s popularity.

“We as students decided that it is not good to drink going into the game,” said SGA director of legislative affairs Christian Cruz. “It is, after all, not like we are trying to drink away our sorrows. We do have a good football team.”

SGA then voted on two more measures. The first was to require all student senators to participate in the Oct. 3 university Fall Festival in Lindburg Plaza and the Stop Hunger Now food donation drive.

“We’re really pushing this,” Cruz said in address to the Senate. “We are not going to have a meeting that week, so if we do not see you at these events, we will find you.”

The Senate then moved on to a vote to fund the Safe Ride late night student transportation program for $8,300. Ward says that the program, proposed by the Senate last year, will be funded with this starting grant and thereafter paid for with a combination of Kansas Department of Transportation subsidies and future Senate funding. It will provide rides to students who need them every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

“Depending on what the Department of Transportation gives us, we may only have to fund it for $1 or $2,000,” Ward said. “That amount is really minimal and easily paid out of our budget. This was our project, so I was glad to see senators push it to a vote tonight.”

SGA president Lara Ismert addressed the Senate on the pending matter of the installation into the Weede Athletic Complex of bleachers taken from the north end zone of Brandenberg Field and Carnie Smith Stadium. Two weeks ago, athletic director Jim Johnson spoke at the Senate’s meeting, asking them to come up with names for what will constitute the new student section at high-attendance Weede events.

After some discussion, senators decided to push the naming of the section to the Senate’s next meeting in two weeks. Ismert urged senators to talk to their constituents about possible names. Current proposals before the Senate include “Gus’ Army,” “The Group,” and “Gorilla Gang.”

The Senate adjourned and gathered under the direction of campus affairs director Tyler Edwards for its annual Light Walk event where senators travel about campus with university police officers and identify areas that they believe require more nighttime lighting.

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