‘Rocky Horror’ still a hit after 39 years

Gretchen Burns | Collegio Reporter

Micah Black says her experience last Friday night at the showing of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” was different from what she expected.
“I’ve never been to it live,” said Black, junior in political science and French. “Oh gosh, it was so much fun. Everyone was throwing stuff. The toast was the best part.”
“Rocky Horror” is shown annually at the Colonial Fox Theater. Those who attended could give a $5 donation, and buy a prop bag that they could use throughout the movie. The prop bags consisted of noisemakers, party hats, toast, a roll of toilet paper, birdseed, confetti and more, and, before the movie ran, viewers were shown when to use the props.
Aaron Heidebrecht was one of the audience members who bought a prop bag.
“I bought it because it will add to the fun,” said Heidebrecht, junior in political science.
Ellen Weiberg says she was seeing it live for the second time.

The crowd at the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" participate in the "Time Warp" dance during the movie.

The crowd at the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” participate in the “Time Warp” dance during the movie.

“I have seen it live, but the first time I was completely unprepared,” said Weiberg, sophomore in communication. “Tonight was so much better than I’ve ever seen it, because of the props.”
Johnna Foster says she enjoyed the movie because she got dressed up with her friends.
“I came mostly because of Meagan, but I love the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and haven’t seen it in a few years,” said Foster, senior in biology. “Dressing up and making a fool of myself, that’s what it’s all about.”
Brazilian student Fabio Giacomelli says he enjoyed his first time seeing the movie.
“As I watched it, I realized that I had seen parts of it on TV in Brazil,” said Giacomelli, senior in biology. “But seeing it live made it a lot more fun.”
Not every student enjoyed the movie.
“I enjoyed the whole thing here, but not so much the movie,” said Michael Angel, freshman in psychology. “Maybe it’s because everyone hypes it up so much. The idea of the props was neat, but being a new person to the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show,’ I didn’t know what to do.”
According to Sarah Jenson, the Colonial Fox Theater features the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” once a year because it is a huge hit with the community and helps raise money to be used for renovating the theater.
“This is our vision for what we want to do when the theater is open,” said Jenson, public relations and marketing director for the Colonial Fox Theater. “The first time we did the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show,’ we had 400 people show up and we decided that we would do it every year. It’s a cult favorite.”
Elle Walker says she dressed up as the character “Columbia” and danced on the stage when the song “Time Warp” came on.
“Being at “Rocky Horror” is more than just going to a movie,” said Walker, sophomore in communication. “It’s about being in a costume and having fun.”

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