New year, new court

Wiping the slate clean for 2012

Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporter

With a new court, the PSU women’s volleyball team sees an opportunity to re-establish the program.

The new court took three months to complete and was funded solely by donations from PSU alumni Allan and Roberta Wetzel.

Before the remodel, the volleyball and basketball court in the Weede had an indoor track surface with a wooden area in the center for games. Now the entire gym has new hardwood floors, which gives the team more practice space.

“A project of this magnitude to be in the completion phase within a three-month window has been incredible,” said Ibraheem Suberu, head volleyball coach.

According to Suberu, the new facility will prove to be a great teaching tool for the team.

“We can really focus on small groups and individuals more,” Suberu said. “We will have more space and have 2-3 courts to really focus on the team.”

Suberu says that the new court should be inspiring to the current team and future Gorillas.

“It should inspire the new Gorillas to fight and to defend our home court better and to open up with a new tradition in a brand new facility,” Suberu said.
“All 10 of the team members are uniting for one common goal: to make a winning home court.”

Brooke Fay says that the new court is like a clean slate for the team. It offers an opportunity for the team to make a positive impact on the program as a whole. She and her fellow seniors hope to leave their mark on the program and the new court and leave it better than when they started.

Fellow senior Becca Pearson says that it is both inspiring and exciting to be the first team to play in the new facility.

“We are all working hard for the community to show them how appreciative we are,” said Pearson, senior in exercise science. “It’s an honor to play on it, but we can’t forget how far along the program has come.”

The volleyball team was supposed to host a tournament Aug. 31-Sept. 1, but the courts are still being finished, so the opening weekend Gorilla volleyball Holiday Inn Classic is now being hosted at the high school gym.

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