New faculty, staff members

Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporter

Freshmen aren’t the only new faces at PSU this year; several new faculty and staff have joined the Gorilla family, too.
Some faculty members, like Juliana Hughes, are becoming full-time faculty. Hughes was added in January as the Teacher Licensing Officer for the College of Education, with an advising component.
“The administration, staff and faculty have been abundantly helpful and welcoming in my position,” Hughes said. “It is an honor to be part of such an amazing university.”
Hughes says that her co-workers and students make her job better. She says that students are excited about the programs and activities they belong to and that makes it easy to help them succeed.
“Pitt State is an amazing atmosphere and provides many opportunities to the students,” Hughes said. “Therefore, I had a strong desire to be part of the staff at Pitt State.”
While Hughes received her bachelor of science in communication at PSU, Laurie Covert was recommended to PSU by her doctoral program adviser. Covert, who was originally a Northwest Missouri State University Bearcat, says she is already developing a love for Gus.
“Although I do not have any personal ties to PSU, I have found this to be a very welcoming campus and have enjoyed adjusting back to the smaller-town lifestyle,” said Covert, assistant professor in health, human performance and recreation.
All new members of the faculty must attend the New Faculty Orientation. Heather Eckstein is a Freshmen Experience instructor and is used to dealing with newcomers to campus, so she helped orient the 31 new faculty members. She says helping with the orientation gave her the feeling that something great is about to begin.
“I enjoy working with those who I respectfully call ‘the newies,’ whether they are freshmen or new faculty,” Eckstein said. “Whatever the transition, going to college or getting a new job, it is important to provide information about the resources and tools that can help a person succeed.”
Eckstein says she gives the new faculty members the same advice that she gives the freshmen: Get involved.
“There are opportunities to participate at the department, college and university level,” Eckstein said. “People will find that PSU is a great community to be part of, and they will feel like a member of the Gorilla family all the more quickly.”

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