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Students graduating early save money, feel pride

When students take more than 21 hours each semester, the stress can seem to pile up. But with the goal of graduation in mind, it seems to balance out. I take an average of 21 credit hours each semester so I can graduate a year ahead of schedule.

graduating early

graduating early

My major is communication with a minor in graphic technology. The thought came to me when I was discussing loans and payment plans with my dad: knowing that I have to pay every loan back, I figured it would save me money to graduate early. Not only will I save money, but I will also have a great life achievement.
Because of these two main goals, I dedicate much of my time to taking credit hours. Many believe that college is a fun time and it is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. I get a lot of grief for not enjoying my time, but honestly, I do enjoy it. I don’t have a job during the school year, but I am involved with a few organizations. Outside of studying, I have a great social life, as well as a personal life. I still hang out with friends and even have time to work out at least six days a week. Even with all my projects and homework, I am still managing to enjoy my college years.
The key is to be organized with your time and space. When planning on packing your schedule full of classes, it is important to keep a planner or calendar with classes, assignments, plans and activities. My living space is also neat and organized to keep my stress levels down and my room easy to maneuver, and function, in. I think if anyone is truly dedicated then graduating early is a fantastic opportunity. Not only do you save money in the long run, you have a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

Jenny Orson is a sophomore in communication

Rushing through college means giving up opportunities

Sarah Poland | Collegio Reporter

College: the best four years of your life. Or it might be five years, or even six. Although college can be finished in less than four years, it is important that college students make use of all the experiences and opportunities offered in the four-year college experience.
Freshman year you learn about campus, meet new people and get adjusted to your surroundings. The entire year is spent learning who you are as an adult while living on your own. There are new things to experience, more difficult classes and people to meet. Sophomore year is the time to get involved on campus and expand your horizons. Students have the chance to join clubs that align with their interests and they will meet people involved on campus. Junior year is the time to increase your involvement with the organizations you belong to and find hobbies in your spare time. Junior year also offers the opportunity for internships and job experience before you commit to a career. Finally, senior year is the time to look toward the future. Seniors are busy searching for jobs, going to interviews, applying to graduate school and deciding where they’re going to go after graduation.
Each year of college holds its own unique experiences and opportunities. Many of these opportunities are not available to students until they reach a certain year. For example, internships and research opportunities are often given to upperclassmen who need the experience. If someone graduated in three years, they may not get the opportunity to experience their field hands-on before they commit to their career. College is meant to prepare us so we can contribute to the communities we live in. A college education isn’t simply meant to give us the skills we need in the workplace, nor is the experience only found in the classroom. Students should be going to college to learn life skills, like how to communicate effectively, and how to be a well-rounded person. Students who rush through the college experience by taking many classes each semester will miss out on the experiences vital to becoming more than just an employee. The opportunity to gain skills offered by campus organizations or perform research or take an internship should not be forfeited for one year’s salary. The college experience should be enjoyed and soaked up by every college student who has the opportunity.

Sarah Poland is a sophomore in biology

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