SGA fears lacks of Scantrons

Zach Wagner | Collegio Reporter

SGA has managed to keep an eye on current issues within the student body despite the ongoing SGA elections.
Peter Kipp, SGA treasurer, says the deadline for allocations receipts is fast approaching: April 27.
“We were able to run a smooth allocations process this last year, and we hope to wrap it up successfully,” Kipp said.
Emily Smith, Big Event coordinator, informed members that the Big Event is fast approaching, and all student organizations involved need to report to the Weede at 9 a.m. Saturday.
Senator Thomas Gregory says elections are in full swing. Sen. Gregory says that elections started Wednesday and students will be able to vote by going to their GUS accounts. Gregory also says that SGA is facing a shortage of Scantrons.
“The big problem here is that we have finals week approaching, and it’s looking like we won’t have enough by the time that rolls around,” Gregory said. “We should possibly look into SGA’s budget in order to try and subsidize a deal.”
Elections are set to continue throughout the week, ending April 19. Students may vote for candidates from the BOOM or ASAP party.

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