Grads discuss post pomp prospects

Caitlin Taylor | Collegio Reporter

As graduation draws near, seniors are beginning to consider where they will go and what they will do after leaving PSU.
Kylie Breitenbach says she already has a job lined up.
“Right now, I work for the Budweiser distributor, and my dream job is to work at Coors Light Distributor,” said Breitenbach, senior in psychology, marketing and management. “I got a call from them, and I will hopefully be working for them in sales and as account manager.”
Breitenbach says she has considered graduate school, and she wants to take some classes and work.
“I think I will probably take the summer and the first semester off, to get my life and job balances first,” Breitenbach said. “But if I work for Coors Light, I would be in Kansas City, so I don’t know where I would go for graduate school.”
Breitenbach says she is excited to graduate because she is in her fifth year as a student, and most of her friends have already graduated.
Matthew Harrell is a non-traditional student, who will be finishing up his psychology degree next may.
“I’ve been in the Army, so I’m going on the G.I. Bill to go to school,” said Harrell, senior in psychology, marketing and management.
Harrell says that in addition to the Army, he is a licensed minister, an assistant manager at a hotel in Fort Scott, and has been a general manager for one year.
“My hope is either to pastor, or to work in the hospitality industry as a general manager,” Harrell said. “My minimum goal is to at least be a pastor with a secular job.”
Katie Meehan says she will not finish her degree until next year, but she already knows what she wants to do.
“I want to work in either child abuse or crisis management,” said Meehan, senior in social work. “But I will need my master’s degree for that.”
Meehan says she will probably end up going to Kansas University to get her master’s, but she wants to work for a couple of years first.
“My dream job would be working in crisis management,” Meehan said. “To go in and give therapy, and listen to people who have been in crisis situations like tornadoes and hurricanes.”
Rachel Patrick says she also wants to help people with her degree.
“I’m in the Army ROTC, and I already have a job being a floor nurse,” said Patrick, senior in nursing.
Patrick says she will first have to take the state-board exam to officially receive her license.
“After I get my license in May or June, I will have to wait for a training position to open up and then spend nine weeks in training,” Patrick said. “After those nine weeks of training, I will then be sent to go wherever the army sends me to be a nurse.”
Patrick says she has to be a nurse for the Army for a while, but her dream job would be working in the burn unit in San Antonio, Texas.
“It’s a big trauma center and burns are a big test to a nurse’s ability to take care of a patient,” Patrick said. “The patient care side of the job really appeals to me because they already have image issues and need a lot of help and support.”
Sometimes dream jobs are handed to you, and sometimes you unexpectedly find one, something Craig Smith, recent graduate, says he learned after graduating in December.
“Right now, I am employed at EZ Dock in Monett, Mo., as a product design engineer,” said Smith, who graduated with a degree in plastics engineering. “I accepted the job about three weeks to a month before I graduated from PSU.”
Smith says plastics engineering has two aspects: one in design and one in manufacturing.
“It’s interesting because I went to school for the manufacturing aspect, but got hired for the design aspect,” Smith said.
Smith says he works for a small company, but they produce large volumes of product and are considered to be a multi-million dollar company.
“If I have the opportunity with raises, and get to keep doing what I’m doing, then I will probably stay at this job for a long while,” Smith said. “My goal for my job after college was to be extremely stable and reward me for my work I learned in school. I may have found that.”

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