Getting to know BOOM, ASAP

BOOM (Break Out of the Menagerie) Party

Lara Ismert

Lara Ismert

Presidential candidate Lara Ismert

Q: What does it mean for students to “Break Out of the Menagerie”?

A: The cool thing about a menagerie is that it not just a cage, it’s this collection of all sorts of unique animals, something that deserves to be outside. It’s fitting with having our mascot a Gorilla. More student ideas should be out in the open, and not squashed.

Q: What are some past accomplishments you’ve aimed for in SGA?

A: During the past year I came up with a weekly event on the Oval on Wednesdays, as a way to encourage students to gather concerns. SGA has an expectation of students coming straight to their organization. It’s important to notify our constituents about what’s going on around campus.

Q: What has your campaign already implemented around PSU’s campus?

A: We’ve used recyclable materials to make all of our posters and all of our signs around campus. We’ve started Sure Happy It’s Tuesday, essentially a preview of what next year’s weekly event will be like. We’re going to string all the answers to gathered students’ concerns, and post it on a Facebook page.”

ASAP (All Students Advocacy Party)

Kafui Alomenu

Kafui Alomenu

Presidential candidate Kafui Alomenu

Q: What results would you like to see from an “All Students Advocacy Party”?

A: Our keyword is advocacy, to seek students’ concerns and opinions. Address these in a timely fashion as much as we can. We want to work on initiatives that will make SGA not depend entirely on student fee dollars and dig into SGA savings. We wish to develop student leadership, starting from freshman level, because this is a group most likely to stay committed on campus.

Q: What are some major ongoing issues PSU is currently dealing with?

A: The major issue is the ever-increasing tuition and general college attendance cost. Besides that, there is a lack of involvement and participation in events besides football or basketball. We’d like to see other events in a form of intellectual or leadership-oriented that are not paid attention to. We therefore wish to put up motivating measures to psych student involvement in this. We wish to help students find a balance.

Q: What are some future ideas that, if elected, you would seek to implement around PSU’s campus?

A: We aim at making the entire student populace more aware of SGA, and its foundations by organizing opinion times outside of formal meeting hours. We intend to periodically meet constituents informally by ensuring senators and executives collectively approach all groups and students generally in a way that is not intimidating, seeking the other views and concerns and making them contribute to student government because every student is an automatic member of SGA and needs to be heard.”


Alomenu Kafui | ASAPIsmert Lara BOOM | Vice-President

Stremel Edwin | ASAP

Ward Sydney | BOOM

 College of Arts & Sciences

Bell Clinton | BOOM

Botkin Zachary | BOOM

Foster Sierra | BOOM

Gilbreath Audrey | BOOM

Miller Jourdan | BOOM

Osborn Austin | BOOM

Saladino Elisa | INDY

Woodruff Ryan | BOOM

Wormington Joshua | BOOM

York Alyssa | INDY

Zoglman Jason | INDY

College of Business

Horvath Alex | BOOM

Hulls Megan | BOOM

Simoncic Jordan | BOOM

College of Education

Kunshek Jeanine | BOOM

Reed Joshua | BOOM

College of Technology

Chastain Steve | INDY

Martinez Rene | BOOM

Saltat James | BOOM

Schwenker Kyle | BOOM

Tener Kerra | BOOM

Senator At Large

Bailey Cierra | ASAP

Baldwin John | INDY

Bonzo Dustin | BOOM

Briski Eugene | BOOM

Bui Minh | BOOM

Casaert Kaitlynn | INDY

Contreras Jose | ASAP

Cruz Christain | BOOM

Eigenmann Natasha | BOOM

Giffin Michael | BOOM

Gravett Taylor | BOOM

Letner | Jake BOOM

Mallatt Dakotah | INDY

Mika Emily | BOOM

Ong Lindsay | BOOM

Pester Samuel | BOOM

Spears Tim | BOOM

Tucker Sarah | INDY

Walker Elle | BOOM

Warlop Heidi | BOOM

Graduate Senator

Adams Evan | INDY

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