Social gaming distracts students

Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporter

Cell phones have become increasingly complex and the functions they perform are no longer restricted to calling and texting. Smartphones and the increasing availability of mobile Internet connections have led to a rising popularity of games on phones.
Heather Laurent says she plays them several times a day.
“I play when I get bored, or get sleepy in class,” said Laurent, sophomore in biology. “Before I do homework I usually check Facebook, Twitter, play the games; then I start my homework.”

Courtney Dietz, freshman, plays a game on her phone while relaxing in the U Club.  Photo by:Sam Clausen/Collegio

Courtney Dietz, freshman, plays a game on her phone while relaxing in the U Club. Photo by:Sam Clausen/Collegio

The “with friends” games are among those that are gaining popularity with students. These games include “Words With Friends,” “Scramble With Friends,” “Hanging With Friends” and more recently, “Draw Something.” “Words With Friends” is an electronic version of Scrabble; “Scramble With Friends” is a faster version of Boggle; “Hanging With Friends” is a form of hangman and “Draw Something” is digital Pictionary.
Alli Wendorff says these games are excellent time-fillers.
“They are a fun way to pass the time in my dorm room when I have nothing to do,” said Wendorff, freshman in nursing.
“Draw Something” is currently the top free app and top-selling app in the app store. It is also the second-highest grossing app from iTunes.
Like Laurent, Brittney Hammond says she plays constantly, usually every hour.
“Games on my phone give me something to do in boring classes,” said Hammond, junior in elementary education. “It’s also a way to play with friends back home.”
Wendorff says it’s hard to draw precisely what you want in the game, and some of the options are too complex to even attempt. She says that one example from the game was Rihanna.
“I didn’t do it because, honestly, I didn’t know how I would draw that,” Wendorff said.
Hammond agrees that some things are too hard to draw and hard to guess, too. She says she was playing with her sister and she drew her a Furby. Hammond says her sister had a hard time deciphering what the drawing was.
“My sister called me and said it didn’t look like a Furby,” Hammond said. “She said it looked like a blob on a stick.”
They all agree, though, that playing games on their phones is a way to pass the time, whether in class or in their room.
“I like them because they keep me entertained easily,” Laurent said.

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