Campus clubs make pitch for allocations

Zach Wagner | Collegio Reporter

PSU’s Ultimate Frisbee Club, headed by Jacob Rudolph, was one of roughly 90 student organizations that applied for allocations from SGA this past week.
Rudolph put a particular emphasis on the “style” criteria in his presentation, playing the “Rocky” theme song while he outlined all that his club does, including its importance to PSU and how it promotes itself.
“Really, our club is just all about going out and having fun, and I wanted my presentation to reflect that,” said Rudolph, freshman in mechanical engineering. “I just tried to put the most important parts of our club in and give it a more lively feel.”
At the end of his presentation, Rudolph says he asked for $486, for the money they have spent on jerseys, light up Frisbees, and snacks.
For the allocations process, each organization aims to outline every element to achieve the highest score possible during a short 10-minute presentation. Five SGA senators, including the treasurer, score on how beneficial they are to PSU, philanthropic activity and presentation style. The final score is based on a 100-point rubric.
Peter Kipp, SGA treasurer, says the usual amount of $25,000 in student fees has been set aside for this semester’s allocations, with a cap of $1,000 for each organization.
“We really like to see any organization that shows PSU in a good light,” said Kipp, senior in accounting. “Any organization that shows they’ve done a considerable amount of fundraising is something we like to see as well.”
Kipp says he also led a workshop for campus organizations before the presentations, where he walked each organization through the criteria they would be scored on.
“I thought overall the sessions were pretty helpful with putting it all together,” said Jeremy Donahue, junior in plastics engineering. “If anything, though, it made me a bit more nervous for presenting it. There was a lot that we had to cover.”
Donahue and David Setter, junior in plastics engineering, asked for the maximum amount of $1,000 for the Society of Plastics Engineering. Their layout focused mainly on every contribution the organization has done for campus, highlighting each of their expenses. According to Donahue, the club plans to send eight students on a trip to Orlando, Fla., on April 2-6, as part of an SPE convention. Donahue says the total cost will be $3,525. The SPE also showed its funding contributions to PSU, referencing different cookouts that have been held in their name.
“Overall, more fundraising will always contribute to a better score,” said Eric Jones, SGA president. “It’s a great way to show that they’re bettering the image of Pitt State.”
Jessica Wade says she displayed the significance that the Honors College Association has to PSU, showing that the association has helped out with at least one event every month. According to Wade, most of the money the HCA is requesting would go toward an end-of-the-year banquet, costing $989.
“This is the second semester in a row that I’ve applied for our allocations,” said Wade, sophomore in nursing. “This time around was definitely easier for me to get through the whole process. Peter helped a lot with ensuring we knew everything we needed.”
Jones says that the allotted amount could increase for student organizations next year. He says he plans to push for increased student fees to raise the offered allocations amount to $35,000 a semester, due to higher enrollment.
Kipp says that funds will be dispersed to the organizations based on how high their presentation score was, and they will be notified in the coming weeks how much they will receive.

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