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Todd Miller | Collegio Writer

Although the worldwide snowboarding game “SSX” was highly anticipated, it doesn’t bring much to the table. The game is based on a weak premise, but that isn’t one of the game’s drawbacks.
A team of snowboarders, surfers and motor-crossers form a team, calling themselves “SSX.” The group is challenged to various races on some of the most dangerous mountains in the world. It’s a thin plot, but sports games don’t need more than that.

SSX 2012

SSX 2012

The trouble is that the game did so little to draw me in. The game-play appears to be easy to master. The technique of button mashing is good enough to succeed, hardly different from other, similar “boarding” games. Even if I lost a race, I was still awarded several bonus points for “great performances.” Win or lose, the game consistently congratulated me on doing a good job, so I didn’t feel any pressure to use a strategy.
One important aspect of any game is whether it’s replayable. A game is mediocre when it doesn’t make me want to finish one campaign.
This could be why the game was given an online mode that allows you to race other people. But if the game has a single-player campaign mode, then it should be as developed as the multiplayer mode.
One nice thing is that the creators went out of their way to base the mountains in the game on their real-world counterparts. They took some creative measures to make it more interesting, of course, but it did give the game realistic settings.
This contrasts poorly with the game’s actual graphics. I can’t say the graphics are bad as they are rather nice. They just feel … dated. It seems as though the game could’ve come out sooner in the current generation of consoles, and the graphics would have fit in. It just doesn’t feel like the game has the same polished look as several other games that were recently released.
I didn’t care for the music, but that is due to my tastes. Several of the songs sounded too similar and wore on my nerves.
Overall, “SSX” isn’t a bad game, but it did little to draw me in. After awhile, I simply forced myself to play so I could get as much exposure as I could. Instead, I just became bored. Nothing makes “SSX” stand out from other sports games, other than the fact it is one of the few snowboarding games out there. So if you really like snowboarding and snowboarding games, you can’t go wrong with “SSX.” Otherwise, this game is probably worth missing. It’s definitely not worth buying. If you do want it, rent it and see if you like it before you buy it.

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