Students use Leap Day as springboard

Jessica Sewing | Collegio Reporter

Centuries ago, Leap Day (Feb. 29) was when women could do something out of the ordinary and propose to men. But some PSU students are using the Leap Year to challenge themselves to make a change in their lives and the lives of those in the community.
Eugene Briski, freshman in nursing, says he is trying to change the hours for Axe Library because he feels the current hours are too limited. Briski says he proposed the idea to the Student Government Association last Wednesday.
“I believe that the academic needs of students should always be a university’s top priority,” Briski said. “It is completely unrealistic to expect that a student should have all of their studying done early in the night. They should be given as much time as they need so they may be able to match their time to that of their schedule.”
Briski says his goal is for students to be able to use the library 24 hours a day because the extended hours would benefit all students.

Leap Year

Leap Year

“If the library were open 24 hours,” Briski said, “it would cater to both those staying up late and those waking up early in order to study.”
Other students, like Mary Butler, are challenging themselves to get more involved on campus. Butler says she was not overly involved in high school and she wants to get more involved with clubs and organizations at PSU. Butler says she has a problem approaching people and she thinks getting involved would help her do that.
“I want to become more involved because I love meeting new people and it will be a great experience for me,” said Butler, undeclared freshman. “It will help me be less timid when it comes to meeting those new people.”
Butler says she wants to join an organization like the Residence Hall Assembly because it would get her involved with her dorm. Butler says she also wants to go to more events around campus, such as comedy nights and movie nights.
“I want to go to more school-hosted events because it would be a good opportunity to hang out with my current friends,” Butler said. “But I would also be able to meet new people.”
Some students, like Chandra Morris, are using Leap Day to challenge themselves to help the community. Morris says she is volunteering her time at the local humane society.
“I like going to the humane society whenever I miss my own animals,” said Morris, junior in psychology. “So I thought it would be fitting that I volunteer there.”
Morris says she likes volunteering at the humane society because it helps get animals off the streets.
“It feels good to help take care of the animals, and hopefully, find them a home,” Morris said. “It helps the city limit animal problems and also helps families connect with animals.”

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