SGA supports 24-hour Axe access

Zach Wagner | Collegio Reporter

Eugene Briski submitted a proposal to extend the Leonard H. Axe Library’s hours of operation at last night’s Student Government Association meeting.
“I think its safe to say that there are many college students who are forced to operate on an inconvenient schedule,” said Briski, frshman in nursing. “it’s unrealistic to think that, after students get through other commitments during the day, they have sufficient time to dedicate to their schoolwork.”
Briski presented survey data and a petition signed by 270 students in support of the change. Currently, the hours for Axe library are: Sun, 3-11 p.m.; Mon-Thu, 7:30 a.m-11 p.m.; Fri, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sat, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Briski’s proposal requests 24-hour access to the library Sunday through Thursday.
Briski’s survey outlined various time management issues for students, including opinions on how flexible they feel library hours are and how well the students think they utilize time in the Axe Library. Briski’s plan has three steps. Step one involves getting student opinion, step two is a trial run for extended hours, and step three is making the changes permanent.
“I’ve been able to communicate with David Bunnell about the issues I plan to bring to light for PSU students,” Briski said. “He says that the right funds are in order to make this proposal possible, as far as student wages for working extra hours are concerned.”
Following Briski’s presentation, SGA voted to support the proposal, and Lara Ismert, director of academic affairs, will draft a resolution.
SGA members unanimously approved Resolution 11-33, in favor of Sen. Thomas Gregory’s tobacco-free campus plan referendum. According to Gregory, the referendum will consist of a “yes or no” survey through the online GUS system, which highlight tobacco-related health concerns around campus.
“I’ve been working on getting the tobacco-free campus plan more out in the open ever since my first meeting as vice president, in August of 2010,” Gregory said. “Getting the word out to students is essential. We’re planning on working through various campus organizations to publicize it, such as Gorillas in Your Midst.”
Sen. Brandon Mills suggested providing informational sessions for students to help them understand the fees associated with the university’s “Master Plan.”
SGA is considering offering a two or three-day event in the Oval, promoting the different ways the master plan will affect students.
Members of SGA were also reminded of the upcoming election info sessions, the first of which is planned for next Tuesday at 6 p.m., in the basement of the student center. Students interested in running for an SGA position or learning more about this election’s issues are encouraged to attend the meetings.

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