Safe House not a safe bet

Todd Miller | Collegio Reporter

As far as action movies go, “Safe House” fits the bar with fast-moving scenes with lots of action. But when it comes to being a good movie, it can barely grasp the bar.
The movie is focused on the criminal Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), an ex-CIA agent who’s gone rogue. While being pursued by a number of unknown men, he turns himself in at a U.S. embassy in South Africa. Frost is taken to a safe house run by protagonist Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) to be interrogated. The safe house quickly becomes anything but safe and Weston must protect Frost from the attackers, while keeping the criminal in custody and while trying to figure out who is chasing Frost and why.

Safe House

Safe House

The plot is probably the movie’s biggest problem. It’s just so thin. Most action movies have a series of action scenes strung together by scenes that build the plot. But this movie’s plot lacked substance. Which means it is strung together in a way that’s not very intriguing. In fact, it is boring.
Most of the action sequences were fun to look at, I’ll admit. My favorite is a sequence in the middle that takes place in a slum of Cape Town. Washington and Reynolds also do fantastic jobs on their parts, despite the movie’s lack of anything good to grasp onto.
There’s not much I can go on about. The movie tries to offer political intrigue and subterfuge, but is just grasping at straws and loses interest fast.
Honestly, at first I thought the movie’s plot was confusing before I realized it was just thin and poor.
Another issue is that some of the scenes are rather choppy. It will show a scene, but quickly jump back in time to show the characters doing something before that point, then jump back. It’s not so much confusing as it is unnecessary. When I see the characters sitting on the floor of a pharmacy bandaging themselves, I don’t need to see tiny scenes of them pulling the bandages off the shelves. It’s something the audience can easily infer.
So if you like action movies and don’t mind if they have no meat on their plot bones, then “Safe House” should be nice to watch. It has some decent action sequences and the actors do a great job. However, despite the action sequences, it got boring to watch after a short while.

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