Laughs or LA, Comedy Night draws interest

Bartholomew Klick | Collegio Reporter

One student in the audience at Memorial Hall for the SAC Comedy Night this Friday will receive a paid trip to Los Angeles, Calif., to watch a screening of the “Chelsea Lately” show.
The show will feature Josh Wolf, a writer for “Chelsea Lately,” and Colin Jost, a writer for “Saturday Night Live.”
Dale Benedict says he is considering attending the show, even though he’s never gone to an SAC event before.
“I saw they’d been on a decent comedy show,” said Benedict, sophomore in business management. “So I figure they must be funny.”
Benedict says the reason he hasn’t attended an SAC event before is that none of them has piqued his interest.
The trip to LA will cost roughly $1,000, and includes airfare and the cost of the hotel. SAC plans to raise this money through ticket sales, but if the tickets aren’t sold then the expenses will be drawn from SAC’s allocations, which come out of student fees.
“I wish it was cheaper for flights to LA,” said Jordon Simoncic, senior in business management and secretary-treasurer for SAC. “But I still think this is a great way to get students to our events.”
The event will be free to PSU students, cost $7 for faculty and $10 for residents.
Tyler Edwards, campus affairs director, says if 100 of the $10 tickets are sold, then nothing comes out SAC allocations, but they can’t guarantee that they will sell enough tickets to cover the entire cost of the trip. Edwards says it’s worth the potential cost.
“I think it’s a great incentive,” said Edwards, senior in Spanish and international business. “The university doesn’t do big events like this very often. If it gets butts in seats, then it’s a success.”
Matt Bird says the chance to win the trip has him reconsidering attending the event. Bird says he wasn’t interested in going until he learned about the trip because it’s late on a Friday and would take away time he’d rather spend hunting or at the firing range.
“The trip to LA makes me think about going, though,” said Bird, freshman in construction management. “Anything to get me out of Southeast Kansas.”
Bird also says the method of funding the trip doesn’t bother him.
“They’ve got plenty of money,” Bird said.

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